Style Inspiration-Violaine Bernard

Style Inspiration-Violaine Bernard

Hello my little stylistas! It's a new year and I am back. I realize I all but abandoned this blog in 2013, but this is a new year. I'm so busy styling and shopping (which I adore), I have little time to write. So, in 2014, I decided to do less writing and more photos [...]

Stress Rehab For Your Locks

We all know winter can dry out and damage our hair, but what about summer? I've come to realize that the heat and elements of the summer can be just as, if not more so, damaging to my locks. Think about it. You have pool, lake, and ocean water, wind, humidity-and that's just to name [...]

Rachel Zoe Fall 2012

I am a hug fan of Rachel Zoe, and her fall 2012 collection was my favorite of Fashion Week. It's a great mix of nostalgic and contemporary-cool pieces. Inspired by the rock 'n' roll glamour of 1960's London, the collection features everything from knit minidresses to sequin gowns to tailored menswear-inspired suits, plus lots of [...]

Winter Style

While I'm not a fan of winter weather, I do really love winter fashion. Maybe it's all the layers, maybe it's the hats, all I know is that it's so fun. Summer is great, but usually we're running around in tanks and shorts. Winter gives us an opportunity to play with pattern, texture, and mix-n-matching. [...]

Joan Of The Arctic

As a child, I had no problem wearing snow boots. I didn't really give it a thought, it was just something we did (even when we had to wear bread bags inside the boots). We loved to play outside in the snow and it was imperative that our feet stayed warm. Somewhere along the way, [...]