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Through The Years…

Today is the hubby and my 8th wedding anniversary. We had a spectacular wedding on my mom and late step-father’s picturesque farm. Hundreds of white fairy lights, dozens of tiki torches, and all of the people we love the most. A girl really couldn’t ask for more.
We started dating a little over fifteen years ago and it has been quite an adventure. This man has taken me to places and countries I never dreamed I’ve ever see. He has made me laugh, taught me that there’s nothing I can’t do, and been my rock during the hardest and most devastating events of my life. He has shown me that being spontaneous is one of the great joys in life. On any given day we may hop in the car and just drive, discovering many fabulous places along the way. He is my best friend and I cannot wait to share the rest of my life with him and the journeys that are waiting on the horizon. Here’s a look through the years…

The Badlands in South Dakota

Lake Calhoun

Christmas at my dad’s house

Germany, his mother-land

Gooseberry Falls

Our wedding

My anniversary flowers

Happy Anniversary Guido! I love you more now than ever before…



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Parisian Chic At Ann Taylor

I have to tell you, I am dying over Ann Taylor’s fall 2012 collection. When I saw the photos I was absolutely gobsmacked! Where did this come from? Have I been missing out on fabulous pieces? I admit, I have not been in Ann Taylor for years. It’s always felt very business lady to me, but not anymore. Inspired by head designer Lisa Axelson’s trip to Paris, this collection screams parisian cool girl. Featuring animal prints, pencil skirts, boxy gamine peacoats,cropped fur jackets and capes, and amazing accessories, there really isn’t one piece I don’t want. And don’t even get me started on the black and white wedding collection. I just hope someone gets married so I have a reason to buy one of the glamorous party dresses. Here is a sneak peak, featuring my favorite items.

Love this dress. The silhouette is perfection!

Tweeds with lace is so sexy!

The details, like the back bow, are really what makes each piece special.

The flare on the bottom of the skirt turns it from corporate to playful.

The cut and color of this coat is amazing.

Swing coats are always a very good thing.

A longer sleeved shift dress-perfect for fall and winter events.

Hello Paris!

With heels or boots, this dress is a must-have for me.

Super cool girl, not working girl. Ann has got some edge!

Where do I even start? This is a Megan outfit personified.

Each look is styled so well. The accessories are stunning.

The satin cuffs, the bracelets, the color…

I love that they’ve done a thicker heel.

One of the many shoe tables. One of everything please!

A winter wedding, a fabulous dress.

There are no words…

And just the right accessories…

A stunning little black dress that works all year long.

For work or special occasion (I adore the bow)

A view of the wedding collection.

All pieces will be available Fall 2012 at Ann Taylor

For more photos and information, please visit Fab Sugar

So, are you as blown away as I am? I cannot wait for fall. Ann Taylor has truly become a fashion force to be reckoned with.


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The Ultimate Inspiration


On my 40th birthday my “lifelong” friends shared the above quote. I’ve thought a lot about it over the past few years and I truly believe we do have friends for reasons, seasons, and a lifetime. I didn’t do a post yesterday because I was lucky enough to be spending time with one of my oldest and dearest friends. We talked about who I would choose for this Saturday’s “style inspiration” but I never came to a conclusion, nor did I want to miss a minute with her to write a post. And then it hit me! My ultimate inspiration are my lifelong friends.

These are girls I became friends with in grade school and junior high. That’s over 35 years (over 40 for a couple). They have endured bad perms, acne, braces, glasses, and eighties fashion with me. We have been through new life and death, marriage and divorce, first loves and first break-ups. We’ve survived fights, distance, disappointment, and also supreme happiness, private jokes, vacations, and so many memories. They know me, truly know me. They have stood by me, they accept me for who and what I am. I can be myself with them. They love me and I love them. We don’t have to work at our friendships. They are low-maintenance. If we don’t speak for months it doesn’t matter. No one gets mad. It’s easy. They are my family and they are my soul. They have always been there for me and I know it wasn’t always easy (I was very prone to high drama-it’s the Leo in me). They are my best friends.

It has given me such joy to watch them become women. Smart, beautiful, loving women. I am so proud of each and every one of them. They carry themselves with grace and dignity through even the worst situations. And we have faced some really terrible challenges. But they all have come out stronger and have never given up in the face of a crisis. I am in awe of them constantly. They inspire me always.

And so it begins, sometime in the early 1970’s.

One of our many movie nights (VCRs had just been invented) during the 80’s.

On my porch before a school dance. We were heavy into our Madonna phase.

Cruising in my ’78 Monte Carlo.

Goofing off at the pool, 1987.

The whole “lifer” gang (minus a few) at my wedding in 2004. This is a look at 30+ years of friendship. Pretty amazing.

My 40th birthday with my BFFs.

Celebrating at another “lifer” wedding in 2010.

I am so blessed to have these fabulous ladies in my life. And if you have a “lifetime” friend, you know what I am talking about. Love you girlies!



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