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Black on Black

Hello my lovely stylistas! Today I had to decide whether or not to renew my domain, and after much thought I decided to give it another year. My new position has me very busy, especially with the holidays, but I really want to make the time to continue blogging (and hopefully with much more frequency).
Today I want to discuss the “Black on Black” trend. In my job, I have to wear black head-to-toe every day. While I was fine with this as I wear black most days, I have found it challenging to keep it fresh and new. I came across a wonderful article at PopSugar about this trend and I am feeling quite inspired.

Anne Hathaway looks amazing in this black ensemble. The form-fitting dress is sexy and the longer hem makes it classy. Add a little fur jacket, suede bootie, neutral lip, and simple jewelry, and you have the perfect outfit for all your holiday parties.

Gwyneth Paltrow is always chic. She makes what could be a very casual outfit into something fabulous. A tailored jacket, tank, and silky trousers are instantly raised to a new level with the addition of fringed heels.

Kristen Stewart has really become a fashionista. Leather dress paired with quilted leather jacket (great idea to add a different texture when wearing similar fabrics) is biker chic and a strappy bootie is so, so sexy. Add smoldering makeup and you have an urban uniform that will keep you rockin.

Karolina Kurkova also opts for leather. A pencil skirt and fitted bomber jacket make a terrific pairing and a simple pointy heel adds sophistication. Swipe on a burgundy lip and you are right on trend.

I adore this look worn by Olivia Palermo. I would absolutely wear this to work. I’m a huge fan of layering and this is done just right. A long trouser, stellar heels, and black pearls complete the look. It’s classy, trendy, and fun.

Victoria Beckham always gets it right. A cropped blazer with a tired miniskirt is flirty and fun and the only accessories you need are a dangerously high bootie and little box clutch.

Taylor Swift is sporting my usual work look. Cropped black pant, peplum top, little heels (or booties now that’s it’s cold), and a red lip. Simple, elegant, and fabulous.

Stacy Keibler has my second favorite work look-leggings, long top, and a shorter layering piece. Adding a colorful clutch adds interest to an already stunning ensemble.

You can never go wrong wearing black-on-black. It’s always perfect for every and any occasion. You will look classy, chic, and sophisticated.



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Flip Flop Your Way Into Summer

Growing up, the summer footwear of choice was the “thong”, which thankfully now is called the “flip flop”. They were and are so easy to kick on and off, and are super adorable. I still live in them all summer, and while I know they aren’t the best for your feet (especially when you’re on your feet all day), I find they are the most comfortable sandals available.
But all brands are not created equal. I prefer Havaianas. Why? Because they are the most comfortable flip flops in the world. Created in 1962, they were inspired by Japanese sandals made of fabric straps and rice straw soles. This is why all Havaianas have a foot-bed that is a textured rice pattern. They are made of 100% secret rubber, they don’t smell, and they last forever. They are available for men, women, kids, and baby, and come in oodles of colors and styles. Havaianas is also a company that gives back and supports many initiatives, including the Institute for Ecological Research, Conservation International, and the Alpargatas Institute. And did I mention that they are super cute?

My collection

Wearing Havaianas at the zoo

Celebrities also love their Havaianas. They are perfect for any summer outfit, whether it be for fun in the sun or a dinner on the town.

Nicole Richie steps out in silver

A rare glimpse of Victoria Beckham in flip flops (she usually has killer heels on)

Jennifer Aniston goes casual with the “Brazil” Havaiana

I already mentioned that they come in many styles. Here’s a look at my favorites this season.

Slim Fashion in chili red $26 available in 3 styles

Top Metallic in navy blue $18 available in 6 styles

Slim in pumpkin $24-$26 available in 15 styles

Slim Allegra in pumpkin $26

Something fun that Havaiana offers-create your own shoe. A very easy process to go through, you choose colors and added extras. Very cool. For more information, styles, and retailer information, please visit Havaianas


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Sunscreen That Creates Clearer Skin

I was a naughty girl this past weekend and did not bring sunscreen with me when we went for a hike (there may have been some beach time as well). Of course, every product I put on my face contains sunscreen, but as we all know it’s essential to reapply. And then there’s the problem of finding one that doesn’t leave my skin greasy, especially given my battle with oily skin. Well, I have found a solution for anyone that battles acne or the greasies.
DERMAdoctor “Ain’t Misbehavin’ Skin Clarifying and Mattifying Broad Spectrum SPF 30” actually is the perfect sunscreen for those with less than perfect skin. This little beauty helps oily, combination, or blemish-prone skin from premature aging due to UV exposure. This will hydrate and protect skin without feeling greasy or sticky, which I am all about. Plus, it’s formulated with willow bark, a known clarifying agent. So, it can actually help prevent new blemishes from occurring and will help eliminate the ones you already have. The light texture absorbs instantly and is for the face or the body (another bonus for those with problematic back and chest areas). Just be sure to reapply every two hours if you’re outside.

DERMAdoctor Ain’t Misbehavin’ Skin Clarifying and Mattifying Sunscreen $30
available at Sephora

And just to prove how important sunscreen is to the younger people, here’s a picture (albeit a weird one) of my chest. I didn’t have freckles growing up-this is all sun damage. We didn’t know about or use sunscreen in the 70’s and 80’s, and this is the result. Sunscreen is vitally important! You don’t want a freckle chest when your 40+. Nothing ages you more!



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Summer RX For Hair

I spend a lot of time out in the sun during the summer. Not only can those rays reek havoc on your skin, but they can do major damage to your hair. Your locks can become dry, damaged, and that color you pay a fortune for fades or completely changes. It’s really important to protect your locks from the summer environments (especially chlorine). Alterna has many fabulous products for your best summer hair, but the following three are my favorites.

Alterna Summer Hair After-Sun Hair Quench $20

This is a fantastic hydrating gel mask for parched hair that has spent a day in the sun. The unique texture delivers the hydration of a mask in a refreshing gel form. It is a rinse-out treatment enriched with essential minerals, vitamins, and natural humectants that instantly restore moisture. You’re left with silky, soft summer locks that shine. Most importantly, it protects hair from color fade caused by UVA/UVB and visible ray lights. This mask is a limited edition and is exclusive to Sephora.

Alterna Hair Sun-Kissed Mist $20

This is a super fun product that’s really good for your hair. It’s a lightweight golden bronzing and finishing spray. The mist creates all-over shimmer, infusing your hair with a sun-kissed glow. Your locks will be super shiny and sexy. As a bonus, the mist locks out humidity to tame those icky flyaways. And like the above mask, it protects your color so you get zero fade. And did I mention how yummy it smells?

Alterna Hair Sun Recovery Spray $20

This is a dual phase leave-in conditioner. It instantly revitalizes sun-parched hair, penetrating deeply to infuse moisture, improve manageability, and enhance shine. I carry this in my beach bag and spray it on my hair all day when I’m at the beach. It smells like summer, doesn’t leave my hair greasy, and really does help prevent color fade. Just spray it into towel-dried hair and style as usual (or let it air dry while you play in the sun!).

All products are limited edition (and the mask is exclusive) and are available at Sephora

I love summer hair products. They always smell like the beach and leave my hair full of body and shine. This Alterna line will not disappoint (but will sell out quickly).


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Radiant Skin In A Pad

I’m all about glowing skin, but for me it’s a fine line between glow and a greasy shine. I’ve tried so many products that promise radiance and luminosity, but have often been left disappointed. Then I tried Bare Escentuals Bare Minerals Intensive Glow Pads Brightening Treatment. At first I was not a fan. They solution is a little sticky and I didn’t notice any change. But I stuck with it and am so glad I did. These pads are a targeted treatment that brightens and renews your skin, delivering superb luminosity. They bring back your natural radiance and improve skin tone and texture. How, you ask? Powered by Activesoil Complex and infused with potent vitamins and minerals, cell turnover is increased letting the real you shine through. The sixty pads are double-sided. Use the smooth side daily and the textured side when you need a more intense experience. I use them at night in lieu of toner and just apply in a circular motion. Like I said, they are a bit sticky, but once dry (seconds really) you don’t notice it. There is no retinol, so for those of you that find retinoids too intense, this is a great alternative.

Bare Escentuals Bare Minerals Intensive Glow Pads Brightening Treatment $35 for 60
available at all Bare Escentuals locations, as well as Sephora, Ulta, and all major department stores.


PS. For those of you interested in Sephora’s Lip Reveal, it is available in stores now!

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Miracle Worker

I have definitely reached the age where deep wrinkles are starting to appear. I can blame genetics (my dad had deep forehead wrinkles) but my dermatologist tells me the main reason for them is that I talk with my face. In other words, I’m very expressive. That’s fine and dandy, but I still don’t like it. There are so many products that claim to erase wrinkles, it’s hard to know what to try. One line I have seen success with is Philosophy’s Miracle Worker. I totally dig the retinoid pads, but only recently tried the eye cream and moisturizer. Philosophy has put together a set that contains all the products and it’s a great value.
The Philosophy Miracle Worker Set contains their best anti-aging products. They feature retinoids, which are proven to diminish the appearance of deep wrinkles. Used together, these products improve the elasticity and firmness of your skin and renew your skin tone and texture. The set consists of Miraculous Anti-Aging Eye Cream and moisturizer, and Miracle Worker Anti-Aging Retinoid Solution and pads. It is also appropriate for all skin types. My deep wrinkles have not disappeared, but they certainly do look better.And in my opinion, every little bit helps.

Philosophy Miracle Worker Set $119 ($185 value)

This set is exclusive to Sephora (I know, I shop there way too much) and is a limited edition. Don’t let this one pass you by.

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Beach Hair

I love the look of beachy hair. There is something very effortless looking about it, although for most of us, it’s anything but. Curling irons often make the ends look bent, product can be heavy or drying, getting the waves to look just right can be down right difficult. But, I think I have found the perfect tools to master the look I so want.

Sarah Jessica Parker always has the perfect messy beach look

The first step is finding the right wave enhancer. I’ve already written about Oribe Apres Wave and Shine spray and I do use this every day. However, I have discovered another spray that is perfect for wet or moist hair. Charlotte Ronson “A Perfect Mess Beach Hair” has all the elements you want in a wave enhancer. Sprayed through hair, it gives the textured and tousled look of a girl who has spent the day at sea. Marine botanicals give hair bounce, flexibility, and long lasting hold, and adds a ton of shine. And the smell….I could wear it as perfume. It is beach in a can!

Designer Charlotte Ronson knows what she’s doing when it comes to creating the perfect beach hair.

A Perfect Mess Beach Hair $20
available at Sephora

The second step is finding the right tool. I am not fortunate enough to just air dry and go. My waves need a little help. Enter the curling iron, but not the iron we’ve all struggled with the past 3 decades. Gone are the clamps that can crimp the ends. Today’s tools are just a wand and all you have to do is wrap hair (vertically) around. Super easy and super fast. I really like Sultra’s “The Bombshell” 1″. It has Japanese Kyocera ceramic technology that mends and defends hair while you style. It gets super hot (they provide a glove) so it only takes 30 seconds per curl. And it has universal voltage for those who travel abroad.

The Bombshell 1″ Wand $130
available at Sephora

Now, I’m not made out of money these days, so the price tag on the Sultra is a bit steep. I have found a great, affordable alternative that does an amazing job. Remington’s “TStudio Large Pearl Ceramic Professional Styling Wand” is super. It kind of tapers at the end so if you want a tighter curl you have the option. It, too, is ceramic (which is great for your hair) and heats to the salon standard of 410 degrees (it also comes with a glove). This means you’ll have easy, breezy, curls in no time!

TStudio Large Pearl Ceramic Professional Styling Wand $29.99
available at Ulta



Big, loose waves-I love it!!

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