Romp(er) Into Summer

When I was a little girl, growing up in the seventies, rompers were a really big deal. Adults and children (of the female persuasion) could be seen enjoying summer in these super adorable one-piece items. Part short, part top, the only downside to the romper was dealing with the whole bathroom situation (you pretty much [...]

Marvelous Maxis

Today is the first day of May (Happy May Day) and that means summer is almost here. Temperatures are getting higher, the sun is shining brighter, and the stores are full of amazing warm weather fashions. Once again, the Maxi is ruling the dress selections. Sexy, free-flowing, comfortable, and multi-functional, these dresses are the perfect [...]

Festive Nails

I am not big on doing my nails. They have never, ever, been the type of nail you want to show off. They're brittle, very small, and I am a biter. Sure, I've had the acrylics and I loved them, but it was so much maintenance. But even though I don't do my nails, I [...]