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Clogging My Way Through Summer

When I was a young girl, I desperately wanted a pair of clogs. I remember going to our local shoe store, The Footbridge, to try on a pair. Alas, my feet were too small and so it was no clogs for me. I’ve recently become obsessed with them again, thanks to Free People and their fantastic assortment. The leather is supple, the wood is gorgeous, and they are the perfect shoe for transitioning from summer to fall (not that I’m in any hurry for the leaves to start changing). Here are my favorites-how can you not love them?!?!




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Free People shoes

Free People Eshe Platform Footbed


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Parisian Chic At Ann Taylor

I have to tell you, I am dying over Ann Taylor’s fall 2012 collection. When I saw the photos I was absolutely gobsmacked! Where did this come from? Have I been missing out on fabulous pieces? I admit, I have not been in Ann Taylor for years. It’s always felt very business lady to me, but not anymore. Inspired by head designer Lisa Axelson’s trip to Paris, this collection screams parisian cool girl. Featuring animal prints, pencil skirts, boxy gamine peacoats,cropped fur jackets and capes, and amazing accessories, there really isn’t one piece I don’t want. And don’t even get me started on the black and white wedding collection. I just hope someone gets married so I have a reason to buy one of the glamorous party dresses. Here is a sneak peak, featuring my favorite items.

Love this dress. The silhouette is perfection!

Tweeds with lace is so sexy!

The details, like the back bow, are really what makes each piece special.

The flare on the bottom of the skirt turns it from corporate to playful.

The cut and color of this coat is amazing.

Swing coats are always a very good thing.

A longer sleeved shift dress-perfect for fall and winter events.

Hello Paris!

With heels or boots, this dress is a must-have for me.

Super cool girl, not working girl. Ann has got some edge!

Where do I even start? This is a Megan outfit personified.

Each look is styled so well. The accessories are stunning.

The satin cuffs, the bracelets, the color…

I love that they’ve done a thicker heel.

One of the many shoe tables. One of everything please!

A winter wedding, a fabulous dress.

There are no words…

And just the right accessories…

A stunning little black dress that works all year long.

For work or special occasion (I adore the bow)

A view of the wedding collection.

All pieces will be available Fall 2012 at Ann Taylor

For more photos and information, please visit Fab Sugar

So, are you as blown away as I am? I cannot wait for fall. Ann Taylor has truly become a fashion force to be reckoned with.


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Fun Fashion Apps

I’ve been battling a cold/flu the past couple of days so I’ve spent a lot of time searching apps for my iPhone/ iPad. There are so many cool tools available to make shopping and dressing fun and effortless. Two in particular caught my eye and I downloaded them immediately. Now I am completely obsessed and find myself spending way too much time playing.


Shopstyle Mobile is fantastic. It is like the ultimate search engine for all things related to shopping. This app brings together over 500 ecommerce sites offering clothing, shoes, accessories, and beauty. It’s a huge variety of stores (American Eagle to Chanel) all at your fingertips. You can add favorites, get sale alerts, post to facebook and twitter, or share via email. You can search by brand or store, or refine by style and price. A must have app for anyone who loves to shop online.


Stylebook is another super cool app. You can import pictures of your actual clothing and accessories and create looks and collages that will help make dressing a snap. There’s a calendar so you can track when you wear items so you don’t repeat too often and a packing icon which is a big help when planning your travel (it’s always so hard to know what to pack). You can also add inspiration and share your looks via facebook, twitter, tumblr, or email.

This a my first attempt at a collage. I actually used both apps. I got the pieces from shopstyle, added them to my closet in stylebook and created this “day” look. It’s so fun!!!

Both apps are available from the apple app store. I believe they were both free, but for sure under $5.00. My head is kind of in a fog today!!!


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On The Wedge

If you live in Minnesota, it might be hard to imagine spring shoes with all this snow. But it’s March now, which means a new season is right around the corner (yay). One of my favorite spring and summer shoes is the espadrille rope wedge. They are sexy, fun, comfortable, and adorable. I can remember my mom wearing similar styles when I was growing up, so I guess there’s a sense of nostalgia there as well. What I love about them is that they work with almost anything. Jeans, dresses, shorts, skirts-add an espadrille and you have instant style. I happened to take a lap around the shoe department at Target and was stunned at the variety they had to offer in these sandals. Here is just a sampling of what they’re featuring this season.

Mossimo Patience Espadrille Sandal $24.99
I love a good slide. Super easy to take on and off, and the platform is so comfortable.

Mossimo Pearlynn Espadrille Wedge $34.99
Love these!! The gladiator style is still on trend this season, so these are a great bet.

These are the Christian Louboutin Barcelona Gladiator Platform. Kate Beckinsale wears these and I have always wanted a pair. The Pearlynn is almost identical and much less expensive.

Mossimo Twyla Espadrille Wedge $24.00
The floral pattern is super cute and this shoe is available in other prints. The perfect footwear for a summer date night.

Mossimo Pam Rope Wedge with Braided Strap $24.99
These are a great neutral wedge and can be worn with practically anything. The thick, braided ankle straps make them super sexy.

Jennifer Aniston is often seen in a very similar pair from Stuart Weitzman (the Alexa)

Xhileration Teresa Espadrille Wedge $29.99
The patent leather gives it a very edgy feel and the color combination is awesome.

All styles (except for the Barcelona and the Alexa) available at Target

I don’t know about you, but spring cannot come fast enough. Guess it’s about time I get that pedicure!

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An Ode To Shoes

While pulling out the Christmas tubs yesterday, I came across one from high school. Of course. I had to go through it! I found tons of essays, journals, and short stories I wrote for English classes (oh, teenage angst). One really caught my eye-an essay about shoes. In reading it I realized some things never change. I thought I’d share it with you.

AP English
May 4, 1987


Yes, it’s true, I am a shopaholic. My favorite smell is Giorgio perfume mixed with the smell of new clothes that lingers in Dayton’s on a hot summer day. I cannot go into a mall without purchasing something, anything, as long as I spend money. I’ve gone over my limit on my Dayton’s card, yet I still buy, buy, buy. The one thing I spend way too much money on is shoes. I have devised a method to get me past the compulsion to spend my money on these oh-so-necessary items.

The first step to take is to avoid the shoe department at Dayton’s. I could do this very easily by staying off the second floor. But unfortunately, the make-up, purses, and Guess? departments are also located on the second level of temptation. So, the only way to avoid shoes is to develop tunnel vision and look straight ahead when I go by them, instead of glancing to my right.

The next step to take is to walk by the specialty shoe shops (try to say that ten times) located throughout the malls. To do this, I need to convince myself the shoes they sell are cheap and junky. If this doesn’t work and I find myself venturing in, I need to look at the saleswoman/man. I should try to convince myself that she’s icky and he’s a pervert and that my only safety is to get out of the store.

If these two steps fail, I need to move on to step three. This step is drastic and could put a big strain on the relationships I have developed over the years. I should give my money and credit cards to my shopping companion while in the vicinity of shoes. This could result in a major argument in the middle of a shoe department, but it may be the only way. Hopefully my companion will be someone who is understanding and can take abuse, both verbal and physical.

I fear that if these three steps fail there is no hope. I could abstain from shopping all together, but that would be a little too drastic. The withdrawal from the non-purchasing of shoes would be strain enough. I get nauseous at the thought of giving up shopping all together. No sir. I think I would rather buy shoes than give up the joy of spending money on clothes. Maybe I need to go to Shopaholic’s Anonymous!

I got an A on the paper and my teacher wrote that it was thoroughly enjoyable. Little did we both know, nothing would ever change for me when it comes to shopping, especially shopping for shoes.

My patent leather Mary Jane’s


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Glamorous Decor

After touring around some malls the other day with my mom, I realized we are in full holiday mode. I personally think Christmas should stay under wraps until after Thanksgiving, but alas, I think I’m the only one. Don’t get me wrong, I love decorating for the holidays as much as anyone, I just think Halloween and Thanksgiving get lost in the shuffle. That being said, I have discovered some super glamorous decor items at Pier 1 Imports. I think they will appeal to the fashionista in all of you. Pier 1 has always been my go-to spot for decorating inspiration. They have unique pieces you don’t often find anywhere else. These are my top picks to have a very fashionable holiday season.

Engagement Ring ($4.95) and Boot ($6.95) Ornaments

Classic Noel Beaded Purse Ornaments $4.95

Classic Noel Beaded Shoe Ornaments $4.95

Assorted Glass Candy Tea Light Holders $5.95

Ivory Gift with Bow Pillow $19.95

Candy Cane Apron $24.95

Glass Poinsettia Plates $9.95-$24.95

Shopper Girl Nutcracker $40

All available at Pier 1

After finding all these treasures, I’m much more inspired to get my decorating on!!


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