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Favorite Winter Looks via Pinterest


The snow and cold temps make me want to throw on the sweats and hibernate, so I logged into Pinterest for some winter doldrums inspiration. The fun mix of patterns, bright colors, and flirty furs these lovely ladies adorn have brightened up an otherwise very grey day.



January 26, 2014 · 12:17 pm

What’s Inspiring Me Today

I’ve been catching up on Pinterest this morning and have found some fabulous inspiration. That’s the thing I love about this sight-you’re constantly finding new and amazing ideas. Here are a few of my favorite images this moment.

Everything about this look is perfection. It’s simple yet chic, and she’s adorable.

Accessories rule in this look. From her simple earrings to the giant bag, this girl knows it’s important to add finishing touches. Even her watch and cocktail ring are important elements. And of course, I adore the topknot.

Men’s shirt, patterned tights, and men’s inspired footwear-the Olsen’s can do no wrong!

Where do I start? I am desperately trying to find a stack heeled shoe like this. The texture and the bow add interest and glamour.

Nothing is more comfortable than a vintage tee. They are almost like a second skin and can be quite sexy!

Picture perfect. I’m not wishing for winter, but if I lived here it might be more bearable.

Stunning! The colors, the silhouette, and the details are fantastic.

Vintage Birkins. Can I please just have one?

This image inspired me to do a post today!! I really dig her curly hair and caftan-esque dress.

I have to wear all black to work now and I really love this combination. I don’t think I could run miles around my store all day in those shoes tho!

Vintage gown circa 1950’s. There was something quite magical about the dresses from that era.

I’d never get out of bed. So whimsical and fairy-like.

I’m always on the hunt for bathroom ideas. The grey subway tile is elegant yet industrial.

No matter what you’re looking for, you can find it on Pinterest. If you’re not already pinning, I suggest you hop to it!!


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Caftan Crazy

Through the magic of Pinterest, I discovered this fabulous brand that makes amazing dresses, tunics, and caftans. Two New York is a small collection of chic and effortless pieces. They are made from hand-loomed cotton saris and textiles, and are hand-made in their Brooklyn studio. And the designer, Monica Patel-Cohn has a very impressive resume. She has worked with Simon Doonan (the wizard behind all beauty at Barney’s New York) and in Milan at Prada. She so understands that women want to be chic and comfy whether they are at the beach or trying to beat the heat.

Seema Sari Tunic $270
I love the color and the length.

Camilla Tunic $260
This is perfect for the beach or a night on the town.

Saira Caftan $310
Gauzy and gorgeous-love it!

Isha Dress $286
Oh my goodness, I would live in this dress all summer long.

Kerala Dress $260
This would be my go-to event dress during the summer months. Simple but oh-so-chic.

For more offerings and information, please visit Two New York

I am going crazy for caftans right now, but it’s really hard to find ones that don’t look like pajamas and aren’t super expensive. I’ve also found some vintage offerings on Etsy and Ebay, and even some original patterns from the 70’s (too bad I can’t sew).

Rachel Pally “Gwyneth” Caftan Maxi $295
Still expensive but a true caftan.
Available at Neiman Marcus

Michael Stars “Eve” Caftan $117.30
This is a modern caftan and would rock at the clubs.
Available at Bloomingdale’s


Victoria’s Secret Caftan Dress $59.50
Same dress, different colors. This is my favorite and it’s affordable. Great for lounging, errands, or lunch with the girls.
Available at Victoria’s Secret

And here are some inspiring pictures that I “pinned” and have me dreaming of lazing my summer in a caftan.







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Inspiring Nail Art

It’s a gloomy day here in Minneapolis so I’ve been perusing Pinterest. I had no idea there was a whole new world of nail art out there! Wow, there are some super creative people doing super amazing things with their nails. I find it quite inspiring and interesting. I don’t think I have a steady enough hand to execute these designs, but they are really cool to look at.

The colors are really fun and kind of psychedelic.

Meow! Animal print is so hot.

How clever is this? These nails would be a real conversation starter.

These rainbows remind me of the tees we wore in the 1970’s.

I love the colors. They are very spring-like.

An interesting take on the french manicure. I really dig this look.

Another version of the french manicure. Very glamorous!

Kiwi-inspired nails.

Love, love, love this!! It has such a summer-time feel and they are very well done.

Very feminine.

Zooey Deschanel wore tuxedo nails and they became all the rage.

Watermelon delight.

This would be a beautiful manicure for a wedding.

Great idea, especially if you write or work with books.

You really have to appreciate the attention to detail.

Another one of my favorites. I may have to make a trip to a nail salon.

For more images and inspiration, please visit Pinterest


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Inspirational Quotes, Courtesy of Pinterest

I love Pinterest, as do most people these days. I find so much inspiration in all forms-food, fashion, beauty-you name it, they have it. It’s really quite addicting. One of the things I enjoy most are all of the inspirational quotes. Sometimes all it takes to find your mojo is the right phrase, at the right time. Here are some of my all-time favorites.


When I moved to New York at age 20, there were many times I chose Vogue over food.


Very true. It’s important to consider long-term over instant gratification.


Laughter is the best medicine, and things always look better after a good night’s sleep.


This is from one of my all-time favorite episodes of “Sex and the City”.


Coco hits the nail right on the head. It’s so important to follow the beat of your own drum. It’s what makes us interesting. How boring the world would be if we were all the same.


I ask myself this almost every day. Life is much simpler and joyful when you’re a child. You haven’t learned to be afraid and life is all about having fun. It’s one of my goals in life-to have more fun.


As we grow older we realize this much more. Things that seemed so earth shattering in high school and college are but a distant memory. Don’t sweat the small stuff.


I think it’s important to remember that we can be whatever we want to be. I’m not “lost”, there’s nothing to find. I’m still evolving and blossoming!


Truer words were never spoken. From every tragedy I’ve discovered strength I didn’t know I had.


I love this one so much. Let’s face it-life is tough. Bad things happen. But we just need to keep breathing and get some rest. Tomorrow is another day.


In my life I have been lucky to have amazing friendships and relationships. Some last, some don’t. But it wasn’t until I had a “love affair” with myself that I found my true love-my hubby. I truly believe you cannot have love with another if you don’t love yourself.

I hope one of these quotes inspires you today. If you’re not already on Pinterest, I suggest you get busy. There’s much to be discovered out there (and click on the “follow me” button up on the right to find me on Pinterest). Happy pinning!


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The Big Tease

I love hair that has oomph and I always have. Teasing is just an every day part of my routine. There’s something sexy about hair that has height. Maybe it’s because my head is super small that I feel I need the added inches up top. Or maybe it’s just that it looks so good.

Bridget Bardot-the queen of big, sexy hair

Taking things to a whole new level. This really isn’t every day hair, but man does it make a ponytail look smokin’.

This girl rocks the voluminous ponytail and looks super cute doing it.
all pictures via Pinterest

There are two items in my hair arsenal that are essential to achieving an elevated look. The first is Blow Up Root Lift Concentrate by Blow Haircare. This is the ultimate product for building height. Formulated with a blend of rice, sweet almond, and milk, this root lifter gives hair a healthy boost while allowing strands to achieve new heights. It leaves hair fuller, thicker, and more manageable, and with no crunchy residue. It has a very streamlined nozzle so you can hit those roots accurately. I didn’t use it this morning and man can I tell. I have extremely flat hair. Ick!!

Blow Haircare Blow Up Root Lift Concentrate $21
available at Ulta

The second item that I can’t live without is a good lift and tease comb. This allows me to backcomb my hair in a very controlled manner. There are brushes too, but I find a brush is best for super teasing (think beehive territory). The comb seems to work better for every day use. Mine has a comb on one end and a pick on the other (I took all the pick teeth off because I had no use for it).

Conair Lift and Tease Comb $2.99
available at Target

Conair Lift Comb for Teasing and Lifting $4.99
available at CVS

If you’re looking to bouff-up your hair, try these two items. I can guarantee your hair will soar to new heights!


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Fur Factor

I adore fur, I’m sure that’s no surprise. There is something very elegant and sophisticated about wearing a luxurious coat or vest or hat. I prefer faux, but vintage, in my eyes, is okay too. I own 5 coats in different lengths, colors, and styles, as well as a vest and two shrug type jackets. It’s one of those pieces you can throw on with the most casual of outfits and instantly look put together. Here are some of my favorite ways to wear fur.

Basic Space by Rachel Marie
Just a touch of fur makes this rocker look a little more girlie.

It’s Getting Cold Outside by Shelley M.
If you haven’t noticed, I love fur with black leggings. This girl is super cool.

Staying Up All Night In The Chelsea Hotel by Rachel L.
Okay, I wouldn’t wear this exact outfit (where are her pants), but I love the jacket and the booties. Plus, it’s the Chelsea Hotel (one of my favs)!

The White Yeti Faux Fur Jacket by Kristina B.
This screams glamour. The burgundy pants are great and so is her makeup.

Live Like You’re Dying and Never Stop Trying by Marianna M.
You can’t go wrong with a fur bomber. Not only are they super cute, but they keep your head really warm.

Vintage Coat and Tulle Dress by Elle R.
This is just the sweetest and softest look ever. Her pink braided hair makes it even more sugary.

Baby, It’s Cold Outside by Jennifer G.
This is just so stylish and has all the elements I love.

Ain’t No Need For A Pet When I Got This On My Head by Mira B.
Super sexy, yet somehow classy too.

All above looks from Lookbook

From The Pursuit Aesthetic
Perfection! I absolutely adore this look.

From Obliterated Heart
This just proves how a fur coat can instantly glam up jeans and a tee shirt.

Above looks found at Pinterest

In my opinion, if you’re going to invest in one great piece for winter, make it a fur coat. You can’t go wrong and you’ll always look stylish.


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