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Style Inspiration-Linda Rodin

I have a new style inspiration and her name is Linda Rodin.

For all you women that think you have to think, look, and act a certain way just because you’re a little older, Linda is proof-positive you can be super cool at any age. Now in her sixties, she is one of the most stylish and cool women around.

Linda modeled briefly in her twenties, but really hit her stride as a stylist for Henri Bendel and then as a fashion editor for Harper’s Bazaar. She now works as a freelance stylist (one of the best) and is a major skincare guru. She created her world known Olio Lusso facial oil in her bathroom because she was disillusioned with the skincare products on the market. The Rodin brand is expanding and has a cult following. She only uses her products on her face (with the exception of her signature lipstick), has never colored her hair (which turned grey in her thirties), and believes simple is better.


I can only hope to look as chic and stylish as Linda when I’m in my sixties…I really want to be her when I grow up:)




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Purify Your Skin With Oil

I’ve always been a big fan of Philosophy, so when I needed a new facial cleanser I looked to them for guidance. I was really needing something that remove eye make-up. They recommended their Purity Made Simple Mineral Oil-Free facial cleanser. I was a little skeptical. I have oily skin and couldn’t imagine washing my skin with, well, oil. But to my surprise, it works very well.
This facial cleansing oil is made without mineral oil and instead uses a blend of natural oils that melt away all traces of make up, dirt, oil, and impurities. It comfortably cleanses my skin while maintaining my natural moisture levels. It rinses off completely, leaving my skin feeling fresh, hydrated and not greasy. And the eye make up is bye-bye.
The facial oil is super easy to use. Squirt a tiny amount into hand and massage on DRY skin for a couple of minutes. Add a few drops of water, massage for a brief interval and then rinse with water. It doesn’t seem like it could possibly get rid of all the day’s gunk, but my cotton ball is clean after applying toner. And it has a very pleasant lemon scent, which just adds to is fabulousness.

Purity Made Simple Mineral Oil-Free facial cleanser $25
for more information, please visit Philosophy

This just may be my new favorite product. It is great for all skin types, easy to use, and pretty affordable.


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What’s In My Beach Bag?

Yesterday was super warm and balmy here in Minneapolis and it called for spending some time in the sun. I dug out my beach bag and did a quick inventory since I haven’t used it yet this year. I always leave it packed (even in the winter) so I can just grab it and go. I added some new items and got rid of some old (and let me tell you-some have been in there for 10+ years!), but all are essential for spending the day at the beach. Here’s a peek!

1. Sephora wide tooth comb
2. Hawaiian Tropic Sheer Touch SPF 30
3. Hawaiian Tropic Dry Oil SPF 12
4. Chanel Sunglasses
5. Sunsilk UV Shield for hair (not available anymore)
6. American Eagle beach towel (at least 10 years old!)
7. Charlotte Ronson beach hair spray
8. Target bikini top
9. Radio Figi bikini bottoms (old)
10. American Eagle beach bag (old)

Because so many items are unavailable now, I’ve put together a new list for you.

1. Sephora Collection wide tooth comb $4 available at Sephora-perfect for getting my snarls out
2. Hawaiian Tropic Sheer Touch SPF 30 $8.99 available at Target
3. Ouidad Sun Shield Leave-In Spray $20 available at Sephora– essential for protecting locks from damaging rays and elements
4. Hawaiian Tropic Dry Oil SPF 12 $8.99 available at Target The SPF isn’t very high but the smell is wonderful. I use it in conjunction with a higher SPF
5. Sunglasses $4 available at Forever 21 every girl needs a chic pair of sunnies
6. Charlotte Ronson Beach Hair $20 available at Sephora You know it’s my fave-spray on wet hair and get ultimate beach waves
7. Xhileration Striped Side-Tie bottom $14.99
8. Mossimo Mix and Match Halter top $17.99
I love pairing a solid and print when it comes to my bikinis-both available at Target
9. Farmers Market Tote $45 available at J. Crew I think “straw” beach bags are super cool and durable
10. Flip Flop beach towel available only in Target stores. A cool and cute beach towel is a must. I’ve had mine for at least a decade and I still love it!

A well-stocked beach bag will allow you to have hours and hours of fun in the sun. And I do recommend keeping it packed. This way you can just grab it and head outdoors-no thinking involved!



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On My Shopping List

The hubby and I spent the day hiking in Taylor’s Falls (Interstate Park) so I didn’t have much time to write a blog for Sunday. This park borders Minnesota and Wisconsin on the St. Croix River. It’s home to many “potholes” that were formed in lava rock and has fabulous trails along the river. It was moving fast and furious today so no kayaking, but we did get a workout climbing over ancient boulders.

A view of the river looking across to Wisconsin

There is one pothole you can climb down into. Really amazing…

I did manage to put together a “dream” shopping list to share with you all. I had the new Anthropologie catalog waiting for me when we got home and it got me thinking about some fabulous items I would love to have.


Elizabeth and James “Bax” platform sandals $177 available at Nordstrom
I love these platforms. Because the sole is one height, they are much easier for me to walk in than heels or wedges. And I do need some brown summer shoes…

Topshop Lips in “Sartorial” $16 available at Topshop
Every gal needs a red lip and this one is bright enough to play off of your tan.

Glimmered Ankita dress $198 available at Anthropologie
This is my kind of dress. I love the peasanty silhouette and the colors are really fun. The longer sleeves make it a perfect selection for evenings (I’m always cold).

Ojon Rare Blend Oil Total Hair Therapy $35 available at Sephora
I’m anxious to try this new multi-tasking oil. It protects, nourishes, softens, and boosts your hair’s shine. It’s next on my list of products to sample.

Rachel Zoe Belted Shoulder Tote $450 available at Nordstrom
I really want a red bag and this one is exactly what I’m looking for. Alas, it’s a pipe-dream (at least until I start working again!).


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It’s Always Summer With Gradual Self-Tanner

I’ve been asked a lot lately what the best self-tanner is. This is a tough one to answer because self-tanner reacts differently on everyone. I will say that I have had the best luck with ones that are also a body lotion. They build a more gradual tan and aren’t as smelly as regular tanners. Victoria’s Secret used to make the best one, but then they changed it and now I’m not a fan (contains bronzer which I find all over my clothing-yuck). But I do think I have found a replacement.
Charlotte Ronson’s new “Summer Always” scented gradual tan body lotion is really good. It’s a nourishing self-tanner that gradually provides a sun-kissed look without the damaging side effects of a real tan. You will get a radiant, glowing tan in as little as three days (if applied daily). This gem doesn’t leave pale patches, dark spots, or streaks, and that is rare in the world of tanners. Because it’s a body lotion, application is much easier and you’re more likely to evenly distribute it across your body. It’s infused with soothing avocado, jojoba oil, and vitamin E, so you’ll get the moisture you’re body craves. And best of all, it has a wonderful scent-very summery. I do recommend getting a sample, just to be sure it works for you, but I really love it.

Charlotte Ronson Summer Always Scented Gradual Tan Body Lotion $28
available exclusively at Sephora

Again, self-tanner reacts with your own body chemistry, so what works for one may not work for all. It’s best if you can try a sample first. This is impossible with drugstore brands, but if you’re in any department or beauty store, just ask. They are usually quite happy to make you one. Better to be safe than sorry.



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Lilac Time Of Year


Growing up, we had a row of lilac bushes in our yard. I always looked forward to spring because the air would be full of the heavenly aroma of lilac. It is my favorite scent. Not to mention, they are very pretty and make lovely floral arrangements. Unfortunately, they don’t last long. And the bush we planted a few years ago has yet to produce blooms. What’s a girl to do? Well, the right home fragrance can make all the difference and give you the scent without the flowers. I have tried many different lilac scented products, but the one that mimics the real deal the best are the products from Yankee Candle. My house is filled with the aroma of real lilacs and is so delicious. But just like the blooms, the products are a very limited edition. If you love lilacs as much as I do, run to Yankee Candle and try some (or all) of these fabulous items.

Lilac Blossom Candle Collection $9.99-$27.99
These candles are fantastic and very long lasting. I usually get the big one and use it seasonally. They generally last a couple of years.

Lilac Blossom Room Spray $7.99
This is perfect for filling your entire house with the scent of spring blooms. Not too perfumery, just amazingly lilac.

Car Gel $4.99

Car Jar $5.99
These are the ultimate car refreshers. Long-lasting and delicious, your car with smell like heaven.

Reed Diffuser $9.99-$27.99
A decorative way to infuse your home with the scent of lilac. Not as strong as candles or room sprays, but emit enough scent to bring the outdoors inside.

Scent Plug-In Refills $6.99+
We always have plug-ins throughout our house. It’s an easy and safe way to fill your home with the aroma of fresh lilac.

There are many other Lilac Blossom products available at Yankee Candle. If you’re a fan of spring’s favorite flower, you will enjoy these home scent products. They are yummy!



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Smell Like The Beach

I’m sure you’ve all heard that scent is a powerful emotion. I happen to believe this is true. There’s nothing better than when you catch a whiff of something and suddenly you’re transported to a different time and place. Memories come flooding back and you can actually feel how you felt at that moment. It’s magical! This is what happened to me when I first smelled Bobbi Brown’s Beach. I instantly was back on the beaches of my youth and could feel the sun on my skin. To me, it’s reminiscent of Coppertone, sand, sun, and garden flowers. Delicious!! It’s been my summertime fragrance for years and always makes me feel happy. If you want to recapture your youth, just spritz this on and you’re there.

Beach Fragrance $55
A blend of sand jasmine, sea spray, and mandarin, this fragrance will transport you to the beach. The scent is long lasting and truly heaven.

Body Scrub $30
A combination of orange peel and pumice, this scrub gently and effectively removes rough skin. A moisturizing blend of shea butter and oils infuse the skin with moisture.

Body Lotion $35
This scented lotion provides moisture and prevents peeling while prolonging the life of your tan. Sunscreen not included.

Body Oil $30
This is a moisturizing oil that contains olive, sesame, avocado, and jojoba, plus vitamin E and C to give you soft, glowing skin.

Shower Gel $32
Formulated with pacific sea kelp extract, this gel moisturizes and softens skin while you shower. It’s the perfect way to start your day.

(trying out a new app!)
Bobbi Brown Beach is available at all major department stores. I have noticed that the fragrance is on back order right now, so if you love it-reserve it.


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