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Summer Inspiration Board

Spending the day outside has got me thinking about my favorite summertime items. I was inspired to do a board that showcases my favorite things right now. I love doing inspiration boards because I am very visual and they help get my mojo flowing.


*Charlotte Ronson “A Perfect Touch” rollerball fragrance $20
This new fragrance was inspired by endless beach days. With notes of fresh citrus, blossoming florals, vanilla, and creamy musk, this harkens back to the summers of my youth. Charlotte created this scent due to the all the feedback she had regarding her “A Perfect Mess” beach hair. Everyone loved the smell and now it’s captured in an easy-to-use rollerball.
Available at Sephora

*Watermelon Lemonade. I first had this beverage when the hubby and I were in Las Vegas. We had spent the day at the pool and decided to try this little Mexican restaurant in Mandalay Bay. It is really the most refreshing summertime drink I’ve ever had. Yummy!!

*Sun-kissed hair. I love the color of her hair (and she is adorable). It truly captures the essence of days spent in the sun, sand, and surf. Gorgeous!

*Who wouldn’t love to spend the day laying in a hammock with their girlies? Sand between your toes, sun on your skin, listening to the surf. It would be absolute heaven.

*1960’s swimwear. And people think bikinis are scandalous now? This was quite risqué back in the day. It makes me think of a much simpler time. And vintage photos are always inspiring.

*Flip flop flower baskets. What a super cute and fun idea. I live in flips all summer long and this would be perfect in our backyard oasis.

*Chanel Orange Fizz nail varnish $27
Such a scrumptious color. It would be a great accent color to your tan fingers and toes.
Available at Nordstrom

*Top knots-the perfect summer accessory. I find myself sporting them more and more as the days get warmer. It’s much easier to relax on my lounge chair with a top knot. A ponytail just gets in the way!

*Free People “Ruffle Me Up” mesh tunic $88
I am dying over this retro-style tunic. The ruffled tiers are fabulous. This would be ideal as a beach cover-up or with a colorful slip under it. It’s one of my favorite pieces for summer.

Available at Free People

So, what inspires you this summer? I’d love to hear about any great products, recipes, or cute decorative pieces you may love.



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What’s That Smell?

While getting ready to go out on New Year’s Eve, I inadvertently put on two fragrances. I didn’t really think anything of it until we were at dinner. I smelled the most delicious scent, and it wasn’t the food. I thought it had to be the shirt I had on. I hadn’t worn it in almost a year and thought maybe I had some mystery perfume on it. Nope, the shirt smelled like a shirt. Then I realized it was the mix of the perfumes I had put on earlier. It was like being at the beach with my husband. Floral, yet musky…and absolutely perfect!
The first in this ultimate combination was Kate Walsh’s Boyfriend. I have this in a pulse point oil so I had rolled it on my neck and wrists. This is a musky blend of vanilla, amber and jasmine blossoms. It’s meant to smell like your perfume mixed with your boyfriend’s cologne. It’s become my every day winter fragrance. It’s a very warm smell.

Boyfriend by Kate Walsh $10-$65

The second in the duo is Jennifer Aniston. I have this in a spray so I spritzed myself all over. The debut fragrance by this style icon is a blend of citrus, rose water, jasmine, violet, lily, musk, amber, and sandalwood. It has many of the same notes as Boyfriend (perhaps that’s why they blended so well). It brings up memories of sunny days at the beach and warm summer nights. I love this in the summer.

Jennifer Aniston $18-$70
Both available at Sephora

These two fragrances work so well together. I do believe this will be my new, custom blended scent. But remember, fragrances do smell different on everyone due to our individual body chemistry. I always recommend trying out a perfume first to see how it wears during the day. Sometimes they change on me and it ends up not smelling as good at the end of the day. Sephora will make you a sample of any fragrance they carry, so try first!


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