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Rosy, Sun-kissed Cheeks

When I was twenty, there was one woman who’s pictures hung in my bathroom. Super model Rachel Williams was, to me, the essence of beauty. Her sun-kissed glow, her ocean-bleached hair-that was the look I wanted. She looked natural, healthy, and beautiful.


These Elle covers from 1990 hung on my bathroom mirror. I actually saw her once when I was at the Met in New York City. She was so tall and gorgeous, all I could do was gawk!


More photos that hung on my mirror. I worked so hard to get my hair that blonde.

Still to this day, when I think of summer beauty, I think of Rachel. Don’t we all want to look like we’ve just been to the beach? We wear our hair a little lighter, and with the right products we can achieve that sun-kissed glow. I have found two new blushes that an give me the rosy, “just got home from the beach” look without having to sacrifice the sunscreen.

Guerlain Terracotta Blush Sun Shimmer Highlighter $41

This is fabulous! The liquid is formulated to illuminate and sculpt sun-kissed complexions with a healthy, natural looking color. The mother-of-pearl concentrate instantly highlights the cheekbones with a radiant boost of shimmery color. It comes in two shades-Sunny Pink (my fave) and Spicy Coral. You’ll look like you spent the day in the Mediterranen!

Sephora Collection Double Contouring Cream Blush $14

This cream-to-powder blush sculpts the face for a youthful, defined look. It conditions and moisturizes skin upon application while providing a flush of healthy color. It effortlessly blends into skin and the micronized pigments provide 8 hours of budge-proof color.

It comes in 6 shades, but I think the Poppy Pink is the most “summery”.

Both are available at Sephora

Now, the trick to achieve the proper sunny look is to apply on the apples of your cheeks. It doesn’t have to be perfect, as you want it to look like the sun hit your cheeks, and we all know it rarely happens evenly. Pair with a light, natural lip and maybe a swipe of bronzer, and people will think you spent the day at the beach.




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Beach Lover

By now, I think you all realize I love summer. I am a Leo and we cats love the sun and heat. I also love summer because I have a glow and need less makeup. Because of the importance of sunscreen, most of my glow is created by self-tanner and the right combination of products. And just in time for summer, Nars has created the perfect set to enable all women to look as though they spent the day at the beach.
Nars “Beach Lover” is a 5 piece travel-size gift set that will give you the perfect island glow. Featuring their most iconic beachy colors, this is a must have for anyone that loves the look of spending the day at the beach without really doing it.

Nars Beach Lover $49 ($74 value) is a limited edition and is exclusive to Sephora

This amazing set contains the following products:

Blush Duo in Hungry Heart (golden ivory) and Orgasm (peach pink with golden tones). This duo compliments each other perfectly. The blushes are translucent, natural, and leave skin with a healthy glow.

Soft Touch Shadow Pencil in Skorpios (iridescent copper). This pencil is smooth and creamy and can be worn all over the eye. It is also incredibly long-wearing.

Lip Gloss in Laguna (bronze and limited edition). A very pigment dense gloss that doesn’t dry out your lips, stays put, and makes lips look kissable.

Illuminator in Laguna (brown with golden shimmer). A miracle product, this illuminator gives skin a refreshed luminosity. Worn alone or with other makeup, you will look radiant.

No makeup, just a beachy glow (Mexico 2006)

So, if you can’t make it to an island, at least you can fake it!!



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Overnight Skin Renewal

I recently ran out of my Clinique Turnaround Night Cream and was debating what to try next. Don’t get me wrong. I wasn’t unhappy with the Turnaround cream, I’m just itching to try more amazing products. I have heard so many wonderful things about Skinceuticals that I decided it was my next step. Besides, it’s carried in dermatologist and plastic surgeon offices across the country, so it must be good, right? Right! I went with their Renew Overnight Cream for oily and combination skin.
The first thing I noticed was how amazing it smelled. It’s formulated with tangerine oil to help combat acne and skin congestion. Yum! The cream is very lightweight and absorbs instantly into the skin. This moisturizer refines the skin and diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Botanicals hydrate while the 10% hydroxy acid blend gently exfoliates to restore a healthy, radiant complexion. What I’ve noticed so far is that my skin is much brighter in the morning, is less greasy, and looks healthier. Time will tell if those stubborn lines and wrinkles will disappear, but I’m always hopeful!

Skinceuticals Renew Overnight Oily $59
please visit Skinceuticals to purchase or find a retailer near you.



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Nail Treatments That Work (Really)

I’m not an authority on nails. Mine have never been great so I mainly neglect them. They are dry, brittle, weirdly shaped…and I’m a biter. I know, at my age it’s just really sad. I’ve decided recently to keep them painted as a way of deterring the biting. And so far, so good. My mom even asked me if I had gotten acrylics! There are tons of nail products out there that promise many different things, but I have found three that really have been life savers. I use a different one each week and have really seen an improvement in the condition of my nails. They are part of the Sephora by OPI collection and are exclusive to Sephora. And we all know OPI is one of the best nail product brands out there.

Nail Treatment Hydrator $9.50
This is the perfect treatment for women that want healthy, moisturized nails. Used alone or as a base coat, this will eliminate those dry, brittle nails in no time.

Nail Treatment Strengthener $9.50
This is the gem for those looking for stronger nails. It’s an amazing base coat that helps prevent chipping, but can also be used alone. You’ll have stronger nails after one use.

Nail Treatment Brightener $9.50
This wonder brightens nails that have turned yellow due to dark polishes or other reasons. It makes nail super bright and pretty when worn alone, and somehow makes removing dark polishes a breeze.

All are available exclusively at Sephora

If you have any great nail tips, let me know. I’m kind of digging having longer, painted nails. They add a certain amount of “polish” to any look!


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The Big Tease

I love hair that has oomph and I always have. Teasing is just an every day part of my routine. There’s something sexy about hair that has height. Maybe it’s because my head is super small that I feel I need the added inches up top. Or maybe it’s just that it looks so good.

Bridget Bardot-the queen of big, sexy hair

Taking things to a whole new level. This really isn’t every day hair, but man does it make a ponytail look smokin’.

This girl rocks the voluminous ponytail and looks super cute doing it.
all pictures via Pinterest

There are two items in my hair arsenal that are essential to achieving an elevated look. The first is Blow Up Root Lift Concentrate by Blow Haircare. This is the ultimate product for building height. Formulated with a blend of rice, sweet almond, and milk, this root lifter gives hair a healthy boost while allowing strands to achieve new heights. It leaves hair fuller, thicker, and more manageable, and with no crunchy residue. It has a very streamlined nozzle so you can hit those roots accurately. I didn’t use it this morning and man can I tell. I have extremely flat hair. Ick!!

Blow Haircare Blow Up Root Lift Concentrate $21
available at Ulta

The second item that I can’t live without is a good lift and tease comb. This allows me to backcomb my hair in a very controlled manner. There are brushes too, but I find a brush is best for super teasing (think beehive territory). The comb seems to work better for every day use. Mine has a comb on one end and a pick on the other (I took all the pick teeth off because I had no use for it).

Conair Lift and Tease Comb $2.99
available at Target

Conair Lift Comb for Teasing and Lifting $4.99
available at CVS

If you’re looking to bouff-up your hair, try these two items. I can guarantee your hair will soar to new heights!


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Thicker Hair With Invati

I have fine hair that seems to be thinning as I get older. My biggest beauty fear is losing my hair, and finding a handful in the shower drain can be very depressing. So when Aveda unveiled their new Invati line I was very intrigued. This three piece collection claims to reduce hair loss and improve and thicken thinning hair. I was hesitant. It is not the cheapest collection and I was very skeptical. But, I forked over the money and was on my way to being a guinea pig.
Here are the vitals. Invati means “invigorate”. Formulated with the power of Densiplex (an invigorating blend of ayurvedic herbs such as turmeric and ginseng), the Invati line basically claims to help you keep the hair you have longer. It does this by using the densiplex to energize and rehabilitate the scalp. A healthier scalp equals healthier hair. It also restores strength and elasticity which reduces breakage. Here’s a breakdown of each product.

Invati Exfoliating Shampoo $24
This shampoo cleanses, exfoliates, and renews the scalp. It is clinically proven to remove build-up of sebum and product residue.

Invati Thickening Conditioner $24
This conditioner is clinically proven to restore strength and improve hair elasticity, reducing breakage. It thickens hair with a blend of guar, palm, and rapeseed-derived ingredients.

Invati Scalp Revitalizer $60
This helps energize and rehabilitate the scalp around follicles when massaged in (8 sprays on each side of head, massage in. I do this in the am and the pm. It doesn’t make hair feel dirty). This spray creates the optimum environment for healthy hair.

Okay, so how do I really like it? Love the conditioner and the scalp revitalizer. The only reason I’m not crazy about the shampoo is because it doesn’t lather, but my hair does get clean. I can say in all honesty that I have seen a huge drop in the amount of hair in the drain. Because I don’t wash my hair every day, there would be a good amount of hair left in the shower. Now, there are days I don’t even have to clean the hair trap. My hair does look and feel thicker, especially on the days I wash my hair. Usually, after rinsing the conditioner out of my hair, my hair felt pretty thin. Now, it’s noticeably thicker when wet and you can feel it “thickening” when rinsing out the conditioner. I’ve been using it about a month and I do have to give it “two thumbs up”. It is worth the price tag if you suffer from thin hair. I will suggest shopping around. I’ve found salons that offer a discount if you buy all three items, which I recommend. It is truly a “system” and for optimal results you need to use all the products.

Please visit Aveda to order or find salons near you.


Does my hair look thicker?


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Dry Way to Keratin Infusion

One of the first posts I did was about Suave Professionals Dry Shampoo. In this post I wrote about how awesome their $3 version is compared to much more expensive brands. Well, Suave has done it again. They have launched a phenomenal Keratin Infusion line and I am in love with the dry shampoo.
So, what is keratin? Keratin is a very strong protein that our hair, nails, skin, and teeth are made out of. Damage to the external layer of keratin can cause hair to look dry, brittle, and unhealthy. And if you style with heat, you are going to damage that layer. Basically, the thicker the layer of keratin is, the healthier and shinier our hair is. Keratin Infusion does what it’s name states-it infuses your hair with keratin and helps to protect it from damaging styling tools and products.
What I love about this new dry shampoo is that it makes my hair super shiny. Most dry shampoos leave a whitish residue and a matte finish, but not this one. Formulated with Keralock Technology, this gives your hair a dose of keratin, absorbs oil, refreshes hair, and gives your blowout more longevity. You’re left with healthy looking hair full of volume and shine. And it smells amazing!

Suave Keratin Infusion Dry Shampoo $3.49
available at Target and all major drugstores

Be sure to check out Suave’s entire line of Keratin Infusion. There are styling products, shampoos and conditioners, and a smoothing kit (which is not for all hair types). For more information and to take the hair quiz, please visit Suave Keratin Infusion


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