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Fun Finds At Pottery Barn

Oh, Pottery Barn, how I love you so. It’s such a treat to receive their catalog every month. Yes, they are a little spendy, but we’ve purchased some really quality pieces from them. I look through the pages, marking everything I dream of, and every once in awhile my dreams come true. I’ve put together a collection of my favorite things right now, and maybe, just maybe, a few will find their way into my home.

Antique-Silver Towel Stand with Soap Dish $29.99
This is so charming. It’s a great way to display a pretty towel and house a fragrant soap.

Antique-Silver Cheese Markers (set of 4) $24
Cheese is one of my favorite foods, but I’ve been to many parties where I wasn’t sure which fromage I was eating. This is a super fun idea!

Blacksmith Clothing Rack $199
What a cool way to display you’re favorite clothing.

Pivoting Metal Floor Mirror $299
This is fabulous! I actually don’t have a full-length mirror and this one is a beauty.

Clarissa Glass Drop Flushmount $279
I’ve been searching for new lighting fixtures for our bedroom. This is absolutely gorgeous!

Shell Jewelry Bust $79
This is a chic way to showcase your favorite baubles. I love the shells too.

Vintage Washboards (set of 2) $99
I love decorating with vintage-looking elements. These would be ideal for our laundry room.

General Store Serving Set $39.50
I don’t need another serving set, but I do like the antique look of these.

General Store Condiment Crocks $16.50
This is such a clever way to house your condiments. Again, I love the “old” look they have.

BBQ Corn Skewers (set of 8) $32.50

BBQ Corn Plate (set of 4) $34.50
If you live in Minnesota you know there’s nothing better than fresh Corn on the Cob in the summer. These plates are the perfect size for your cobs and the skewers will keep your fingers clean.

Adirondack Chair Napkin Holder $39.50
After eating all that corn, you’re going to need some napkins to wipe the butter off your face. This holder has summertime fun written all over it.

All items available at Pottery Barn

There are thousands of other fabulous item at Pottery Barn. If you’re looking for a cool, fun way to give your home a “summer” feel, be sure to check them out.




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Fun Fashion Apps

I’ve been battling a cold/flu the past couple of days so I’ve spent a lot of time searching apps for my iPhone/ iPad. There are so many cool tools available to make shopping and dressing fun and effortless. Two in particular caught my eye and I downloaded them immediately. Now I am completely obsessed and find myself spending way too much time playing.


Shopstyle Mobile is fantastic. It is like the ultimate search engine for all things related to shopping. This app brings together over 500 ecommerce sites offering clothing, shoes, accessories, and beauty. It’s a huge variety of stores (American Eagle to Chanel) all at your fingertips. You can add favorites, get sale alerts, post to facebook and twitter, or share via email. You can search by brand or store, or refine by style and price. A must have app for anyone who loves to shop online.


Stylebook is another super cool app. You can import pictures of your actual clothing and accessories and create looks and collages that will help make dressing a snap. There’s a calendar so you can track when you wear items so you don’t repeat too often and a packing icon which is a big help when planning your travel (it’s always so hard to know what to pack). You can also add inspiration and share your looks via facebook, twitter, tumblr, or email.

This a my first attempt at a collage. I actually used both apps. I got the pieces from shopstyle, added them to my closet in stylebook and created this “day” look. It’s so fun!!!

Both apps are available from the apple app store. I believe they were both free, but for sure under $5.00. My head is kind of in a fog today!!!


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