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Fun Fashion Apps

I’ve been battling a cold/flu the past couple of days so I’ve spent a lot of time searching apps for my iPhone/ iPad. There are so many cool tools available to make shopping and dressing fun and effortless. Two in particular caught my eye and I downloaded them immediately. Now I am completely obsessed and find myself spending way too much time playing.


Shopstyle Mobile is fantastic. It is like the ultimate search engine for all things related to shopping. This app brings together over 500 ecommerce sites offering clothing, shoes, accessories, and beauty. It’s a huge variety of stores (American Eagle to Chanel) all at your fingertips. You can add favorites, get sale alerts, post to facebook and twitter, or share via email. You can search by brand or store, or refine by style and price. A must have app for anyone who loves to shop online.


Stylebook is another super cool app. You can import pictures of your actual clothing and accessories and create looks and collages that will help make dressing a snap. There’s a calendar so you can track when you wear items so you don’t repeat too often and a packing icon which is a big help when planning your travel (it’s always so hard to know what to pack). You can also add inspiration and share your looks via facebook, twitter, tumblr, or email.

This a my first attempt at a collage. I actually used both apps. I got the pieces from shopstyle, added them to my closet in stylebook and created this “day” look. It’s so fun!!!

Both apps are available from the apple app store. I believe they were both free, but for sure under $5.00. My head is kind of in a fog today!!!



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Boots That Will Rev Your Engine

The Motorcycle show is in town this weekend and in our house that’s a big deal. My husband is so passionate about motorcycles, he’s made a career out of it (he’s a journalist for the industry). Me? Well, let’s just say I’m in it for the fashion. I have all the right gear to keep me safe, but I’m talking about the items you can wear for every day, namely biker boots.
The great thing about motorcycle, or biker, boots is that you can wear them with almost anything and all year round. They are awesome with skinnies, but look adorable with a sundress or shorts. They’re a favorite among celebrities as well.

Malin Akerman pairs hers with a biker jacket for a real rocker look.

Jessica Biel, Kate Moss, and Rachel Bilson show different ways you can wear motorcycle boots.

Kate Bosworth pairs hers with a more hippie vibe.

Rooney Mara travels in hers-very comfortable.

I know, I know, I should be focusing on spring trends, but we still have a few months of chilly weather. Plus, many are on sale now. And before you say you aren’t the type-anyone can wear biker boots. They add just the right edge to any outfit without being too over the top. Plus, they never really go out of style. Here are some of my favs in stores now.

Mossimo “Kemaria” biker boot $34.99
available at Target

Skechers “Lunacy” Motorcycle Boot $59.90
available at Skechers

Frye “Engineer 12R” Boot $217.95

Nine West “Fango” boot $69.90

Jimmy Choo “Motorcycle” boot $950
All available at Nordstrom

So, if you’re looking for a cool pair of boots that you can wear on a daily basis, try out motorcycle boots. You’ll look super cool and you’ll be really comfortable.

My Franco Sarto motorcycle boots I got years ago at Nordstrom. I love them!

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