Pretty Little Flats

I have always been a fan of wearing ballet slippers. In junior high we wore real ones all over town (that could not have been good for our feet). There's just something so sweet and classic about them, and they can be very comfortable. Lucky for me, their popularity is at an all-time high and [...]

Birkin My Love

Oh, the Hermes Birkin beautiful, so well crafted, so unattainable. This is the bag that can run into the tens of thousands and is rumored to have a 5 year waiting list, yet I wonder how many of those people know why the Birkin came to be. Call it a meeting of chance. A [...]

Great boots under $100

Boots, boots, cannot escape them this time of year. And there are some amazing ones out there! All the ladies (and girls) in my family were sporting awesome boots over the weekend, and you can't open a magazine without seeing celebs rockin them as well. Cameron Diaz looking beautiful. Many people think you can't [...]

Rainy Days

Well, the rain has finally fallen here so it is time to pull out the rain boots. Maurices rain jacket (very old), Ruehl sweater, Target leggings (that's a raindrop on my leg) and my favorite Hunter rain boots with Hunter fleece socks I don't wear my rain boots very often. Honestly, I forget I have [...]