The Size Dilemma

In my Fashion Production course at Parson’s we were challenged to go to a store and try on multiple items in different sizes. This exercise was to show how there is no standard size. You can be a four in one brand, a six in another, and a two somewhere else. You all know what I’m talking about-we have all been there.

In my research, the thing that surprised me most was how big of a difference there could be with the same item. I found a top that I really liked and it came in three colors. I tried a small on in all three and the structure difference astounded me. How could there be such a difference with the same top in the same size? The length, the width, the bust, the hips-all varied between the three.

Yes-the tops above are all smalls and you can see the variance-crazy right?

This is why I always tell my clients not to get hung up on size. It’s a number that really means very little in this day and age. My best advice is to try on multiple sizes and choose based on how it fits and makes you feel-not what the label says.

One thought on “The Size Dilemma

  1. Great points! I’m sure many people (including me!) don’t realize this. I do have to wonder why this is tho? Made in foreign countries maybe? Anyway, thanks for bringing this to our attention.

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