Back To School

I’ve been toying with the idea of going back to school for a few years now. I never finished college and for some reason it never sat right with me. Not because I didn’t have a degree, but because I didn’t finish what I started. Honestly, I’ve had a pretty successful career without that piece of paper (and I’m beyond excited I never had to deal with paying back college loans). Sure, there have been some positions I have’t been chosen for due to the lack of a degree, but overall it has never been an obstacle. But I miss learning. And let’s face it-the retail and fashion industry have completely changed in the last ten years. If I want to complete with all the bloggers and influencers (basically girls 30 years younger than me), then I need to know what they know. So back to school I go.

I enrolled in Parsons School of Design this past fall. They have a great online program and it is self-paced so I have a year to complete my courses. I’ll be learning a little bit of everything from fashion history to design to branding and marketing. And my goal is to be a more well-rounded person when I finish. I recently completed one of my courses and my project was to style a fashion shoot. I didn’t have a model so my husband shot the photos with me in front of the camera. Not something I’m used to when styling photo shoots, but it was fun and I love how the photos turned out!

Leopard Coat-Loft (no longer available)
J Brand Love Story Flares
Converse High Tops
INC Ribbed Turtleneck
Cat Eye Sunnies

I love mixing something very glam like a leopard coat with a casual twist such as cut-off flares and Converse high-tops. And the gritty, snowy backdrop gives the photo an edgy feel. And ps. this is an alley we used to frequent in the 1980’s to go from the parking ramp to the mall. Haven’t been here for close to thirty years!!

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