About That Amazon Coat

By now I’m sure most of you have seen or heard about The Amazon Coat. It seems like over the past month it has been everywhere. And I do mean everywhere. This coat is suddenly so popular it has it’s own Instagram page and was even featured recently on “Good Morning America”. What seems to have started with a NYC school teacher (who told two friends who told two friends…you know how it goes) and quickly spread through the boroughs, has now made it’s way to the midwest. I thought I’d be on the forefront of it’s appearance in Minneapolis but not only have I seen it multiple times this past week but people have actually stopped to ask me if I’m sporting THE Amazon Coat. Women are cuckoo for this gem.

The Orolay Thickened Down Jacket

But does it live up to the hype? In a simple word-yes. I absolutely love this jacket. Now, I have a lot of really cool jackets but this has become my favorite. It’s sporty, stylish and warm without being bulky. Is it the most flattering? Not really. But it’s winter and sometimes warmth is a little more important. Am I right?

So, let’s talk about fit. I ordered a medium for two reasons. One being all my winter jackets are that size. I like them a little roomy so I can layer underneath and still be comfortable. The other reason is that the coat is made in China and typically those products run small. That being said, I could have easily worn a small. The body is super roomy and the coat has nifty side zips to give more room. The arms are a great length and have knit stretchy cuffs to keep the wind and snow out. My verdict-runs a little big.

As for warmth-perfect for MOST Minnesota days. When it’s below zero I do pull out the big guns but usually this keeps me nice and snuggly. It can get a little drafty when it’s windy (mainly because it’s a little big) but I’ve never been cold wearing this. It isn’t water proof (which you can kind of see as it was snowing) but the water spots dry pretty quickly.

What I love most about this coat is that it has style in spades. The multiple zippers give it edge and the longer back creates a fun silhouette. It’s available in five colors but I really dig the basic army green. My only complaint, and I mean the only complaint, is that the zippers stick a little bit. Otherwise, for $130, you really can’t go wrong. Although I’m not sure I want everyone walking around in MY jacket (wink, wink).

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