In The Navy

When I was in junior high, a mere thirty years ago, wool pea coats were all the rage. They kept us very warm, looked cool (especially paired with penny loafers), and went with all of our “Preppy Handbook” outfits. They had a “new” feel, but have actually been around for centuries. Originally worn by European, and then later, American sailors, the pea coat is known for its broad lapels, double-breasted fronts, and large buttons. Amazingly, they were first featured in American newspapers as early as the 1720’s. Yes, pea coats truly are timeless and classic.


Fashion icon, Jane Birkin, rocking the pea coat in the sixties


Ali McGraw in “Love Story”


A very modern take on the pea coat

This fall I needed a new coat for a trip to Chicago. I tried on oodles and could not find one I liked. And then I thought, “What about a pea coat”? I haven’t worn once since junior high (and really wish I would have held on to mine). I found a fabulous black one from Calvin Klein. It’s a wool-cashmere blend (so it’s not so itchy) and I love it! I feel very sophisticated and put together in this jacket and it really works for almost every situation. Here are my top five picks for this versatile wonder.


Top Left: Laundry Faux-Fur-Collar $320
Top Right: Miss Sixty Faux-Leather Trim $225
Middle: Calvin Klein Wool Cashmere Blend (my choice) $129.98
Bottom Left: Kenneth Cole Reaction Wool Blend $140
Bottom Right: London Fog Wool Blend $140

all available at Macy’s

So, if you’re in the market for a new jacket, try the pea coat. You won’t be sorry (and they’re all on sale for the holidays)!


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