Au Natural

I am a big fan of Michael Kors’ watches. I bought one a few years ago with a really big face (mainly because I couldn’t read small faces any longer) and get tons of compliments on it. They have fabulous quality, beautiful designs, and come in tons of stylish options. I’m really digging the new “naturals” collection and thought I’d share my favorites with you.


1. Ritz Sand Acetate Bracelet $225
2. Espresso Tone Stainless Steele and Horn Acetate Bracelet $160
3. Rio Alabaster Acetate and Stainless Steele Cuff Bracelet $195

These are more simple but still quite stunning. The colors will go with just about anything in your wardrobe, which is always a plus.


4. Chronograph White Horn Acetate Bracelet $275
5. Chronograph Gold Tone Stainless and Tortoise Acetate Bracelet $275
6. Chronograph Tortoise Acetate and Rose Gold Bracelet

I adore chronograph watches and these are gorgeous. They are chic and classic with just the right amount of bling.

all styles shown are available at Macy’s

If you’re in the market for a new watch, I highly recommend Michael Kors. Not only do they come in natural, but gold, silver, and my new favorite-rose gold.


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