Style Inspiration-Nina Dobrev

My latest obsession is “The Vampire Diaries” (thanks Ame!). It’s fun and trendy and features some of the best looking young actors in Hollywood. I adore Nina Dobrev and her character Elena’s style. It’s realistic teenage garb and I dig that. It’s hard to swallow a high school full of Louboutin and couture wearing teens and that’s one of the main reasons this show has such a huge following. Gals like to connect with characters and so realism is very important. Nina is a darling and has proven she can do high fashion just as well as she does casual.

The accessories make this outfit. From head-to-toe, this girl does everything right.

Red carpet perfection. This gown is divine and flaunts all of her curves.

Leather jacket, ballet slippers, and skinny denim-every closet should contain these essentials.

Beanie baby!

Very age appropriate and sophisticated, yet casual and simple.

Another stunning gown. She and her stylist really understand how to put together fabulous award show worthy looks.

With her leading men. I love the texture of the dress and how the shoes pick up on the glimmer in the dress.

This is one couple that can make even an airport look good. Very stylish!

Music festival magic. I love the color and silhouette of her dress and it’s accessorized perfectly.

It’s a real treat to see a member of young Hollywood stay true to herself, have fun with fashion, and keeping it “real”. Well done Nina!


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