Denim Jacket 2012

Just when I think denim jackets are over, someone styles it in such a fabulous way that I need to pull mine out again. Jenna Lyons, the powerhouse behind J. Crew ( and one of my idols) sported a denim jacket and skirt to the Met Gala recently and I’m in love. She is so fantastic and one of the best stylists out there. Take a look-


Jenna didn’t want to wear duchesse silk satin or anything with sparkles or pearls. She wanted her style to shine through. She had the denim jacket fit and re-tailored to raise the waist-band. She isn’t wearing a shirt underneath. Instead, she had custom cuffs and collar made and stitched into the jacket. So simple, yet so incredibly stylish and fabulous. And I love her pink heels!

Inspired by Italian designer, Elsa Schiaparelli, Jenna sketched the skirt during a meeting (2 weeks before the ball). Honda, J. Crew’s pattern-maker, then draped and stitched the skirt right in her office.
Schiaparelli’s autobiography, “A Shocking Life”, is available on Amazon

Jenna choose pink to go with Schiaparelli’s book. She also had a peplum sewn underneath the skirt because she wanted to articulate a silhouette she had seen on the pages of the autobiography.
For more on the story, please check out J. Crew’s blog.

Lyons isn’t the only celebrity that does the denim jacket right. Here’s a look at some other style mavens rocking their denim.


I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with the denim jacket. Maybe it’s because I’ve just seen it worn incorrectly too many times or maybe it’s because I wore them in the eighties. But I have to admit it is the perfect layering piece for summer. It’s super cute dressed up or casual. 2012 has brought us some modern and edgy variations. Here are some of my favorites-

Vintage Sea Blue Wash $100 available at J. Crew
The original version of Jenna’s

J. Brand Denim Jacket $229 available at Neiman Marcus
I love the wash and the fit of this style.

AG Adriano Goldschmied “Robyn” $198 available at Neiman Marcus
A classic looking denim jacket.

Moto Aztec Burnout $90 available at Topshop
This has slight distressing and looks a little vintage.

MNG by Mango $28 available at JCPenney
I do not condone wearing denim-on-denim by any means, but I do like the silhouette and price of this style.

BDG Denim Trucker $69 available at Urban Outfitters
This style is a little over-sized and a little edgy.

There are oodles of choices out there. Just remember a few things-wash, cut, and wear. A fitted jacket is more chic, choose a wash that can be worn in many different situations (no tears or rips or bleach spots), and buy a silhouette you can wear often and comfortably. And please-no denim-on-denim. I know some celebs and designers show this look, but it’s just too much.


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