Rainy Days

Yesterday was a very rainy in Minneapolis and I spent the majority of the day trying to keep our laundry room from flooding. In between changing and spinning out towels, I played around with instagram. I’ve been on it forever, but never really use it. It’s actually pretty fun! For those of you that don’t know what it is, it’s a social network based on photos. You take a picture, edit it with fun features, and then post. You can follow people, share on other social media sites, and find a lot of inspiration. Here’s a look at my day…

The day definitely called for a top knot. I achieved this one by putting my hair in a high pony and wrapping it around. Secure with a pin and voila! You’ve got an awesome bun. For my lips, I needed something bright and moisturizing. This is the latest color from Fresh-Sugar Coral. I love the shade and it keeps my lips moist for hours (available at Sephora).

I had my Hunter rain boots on a lot (available at Nordstrom) and since it was chilly, I pulled on my cozy fleece-lined leggings (Anthropologie). In between loads of towels and wet-vacing, I paged through this wonderful book, Stylists-New Fashion Visionaries (Amazon). On such an ugly day it felt good to look at some beauty.

If you are on instagram, look me up. You can find me under “chegpie”, which was my dad’s nickname for me (he actually called me “cow pie” until I figured out what that was). Hopefully today will be a sunnier one!


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