My Sister, The Artist

Many of you have asked who does the artwork on my blog. The answer is simple-my little sister. Erin Gergen Halls is a truly amazing and talented artist. Completely self-taught, she is able to take a photograph and create realistic drawings that will blow your mind. The one thing I hear all the time is, “Wow, it looks just like a real photograph.” Yes, they do, and that’s why she is a Photo Realist. What she can do with graphite and colored pencils is genius. I can’t even draw a stick person (and I am not making that up), yet from the time we were little children, she has been creating works of art using all kinds of mediums. As an adult, she dabbled in greeting cards, frames, painted shelves, but she’s really come into her own with drawing. She has been nationally recognized, won numerous awards, and has had her own gallery showings. And did I mention she also is a mother to three school-aged children? Up late, always on a deadline, she still manages to turn out fabulous works while juggling the demands of motherhood. Can you tell I’m a proud sister? Here’s a small sample of her masterpieces.

“The Tamarack Bird” colored pencil
This is her newest work. The bird was a gift our father gave our mother when we were young.

“The Remains of the Day” colored pencil
This features “remains” she has found on many walks with her dog. I love how she incorporates interesting items and turns them into beauty.

“Morning at the Hotel Chelsea” graphite
This is from a photo she took of me at the Hotel Chelsea in NYC. It had been a childhood dream of ours to stay there, and it is very special to me that is is now a work of art.

“Tiger Balm” colored pencil
When our dad died, we found tins of Tiger Balm all around his house. Being a “pack rat”, she kept them all and from something tragic comes something amazing.

“Becarren” colored pencil
This is a childhood friend of ours all grown up. The attention to detail is what always blows my mind when it comes to my sister’s drawings. Beautiful!

“My Dad” graphite
A tribute to our late father. This was truly a labor of love for her. It was very intense for her to stare at his face all day when he was so recently lost to us.

“Ultraviolet” colored pencil
I adore how she takes seemingly ordinary items, puts them together, and creates something so stunning. True talent.

For more works of art and information, please visit Erin Gergen Halls

I am just so proud of her and in awe of her talent. She amazes me every day.

As little girls in the BWCA, holding hands (I’m the one that looks like a boy)

With our matching tattoos that honor our father (it’s a silhouette of him jumping in the air)


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