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Last Friday I did a post about barre workouts and today I’m going to introduce you to another amazing DVD collection. As you know, barre is my workout of choice, and this system is hardcore.
Created by former ballet dancer Jennifer Williams, Pop Physique incorporates a ballet barre inspired exercise system into an efficient class set to excellent music. It blends elements of ballet, pilates and light weight work into a methodical series of strengthening, isometrics, core shaping, and fabulous stretches. It’s an ideal workout for anyone who wants the body of a dancer. And believe me, you will feel muscles that you never knew you had. You can expect improved posture, increased ab strength and tone, and an overall increased body awareness.

If you’d love to look like this, keep reading!

So, Pop Physique claims that even their 40 minute DVD will burn 500 calories. I contacted them for clarification because I am tracking all my food and exercise and need to be sure how many calories I am actually burning. This is what they said. “Yes, you can definitely burn 500 calories if you’re doing the workout fully and properly (i.e. not skipping over exercises or only doing them partially, ect.). The reason for this is that Pop Physique is based on isometric exercise which are the tiny repetitious movements you see in our class and on the DVD. This type of exercise fatigues the muscles (the great shaking that happens) and burns calories from the inside out. You can access the deepest parts of the muscles this way and you continue to burn calories even after the workout is over.” Okay, excellent. I have no problem completing the workouts (except for maybe some of the abs-ouch!) and I am very aware of my posture and positioning. Looks like I’m in good shape for burning those 500 calories.

Pop Physique has three DVDs that are all challenging, super fun, and leave me feeling spent but energized. The instructors are adorable (love their 80’s “Let’s Get Physical” workout gear) and very informative. They continually remind you about posture and give very clear instructions on each exercise. They are motivating and know the sections people might give up on (“you better not be laying on the floor watching this) and that really keeps me going. They, too, are shaking and sweating, and tell you quite often to just close your eyes and ride it out. I can appreciate that. There’s nothing worse than doing a DVD where the instructor is not in pain with you! Here’s a breakdown of each DVDs.

Original Butt (55 minutes)
With this DVD yo will tone and sculpt the entire body in a fun, intense workout with zero impact on joints. You will strengthen and stretch your entire muscle group (stretching is super important) and you will shake. Don’t be afraid of the shake, it just means your body is changing. You will see quick results-a lifted, rounded butt, sleek arms, flat abs, and slimed legs.

Hardcore (65 minutes)
This gives you intense strengthening that make muscles heat up and shake from being worked so hard. You will focus on shaping each muscle group and speed up your metabolism with isometric muscle work. For sure this is the hardest one, but still doable for anyone (if I can do it, you can do it).

Cardio Butt School (39 minutes)
With this workout you will take what you were given and perfect it. The cardio level is higher and flows from one muscle group to the next, allowing you to get all your toning done in a shorter period of time. Perfect for when you can’t commit to a full hour.

DVDs are available exclusively at Amazon. I purchased them as a complete set for $29.95, but you can purchase them separately for $15.95. Something good to know, all three have a 5 star rating on Amazon, which would explain why it appears they are currently sold out!

For more information, please visit Pop Physique

So, why do I love Pop Physique versus other brands of barre workouts? Like the Tracey Mallett DVD I featured last week, there is more ballet incorporated into them and I love that. This doesn’t mean you have to have any ballet knowledge, but I love the phrases and positions (arabesque, plié, first position, ect.) and I adore working at a ballet barre. Now, they use chairs in the DVDs, so that’s all you need along with some light weights. The instructors are fabulous, the music is not annoying, and best of all I have seen results. For those of you that know me, you know I have never had a butt (and what I do have sags). Flat butt-that was me. Now, after three weeks of working out, I am starting to see changes, especially in the booty region. Even my husband commented that my tush looked amazing in my yoga pants.


Booty is lifting, now I just need to flatten those abs!

I have worked out 19 days in a row (hills on treadmill and barre)-a lifetime record for me! I have been under my calorie count every day, lost 6 pounds, and 2 inches off both my waist and my hips. But most importantly, I feel better. I know I’m eating better and am doing something really good for myself. And that makes all the shaking worth it!

P.S. If you’re looking for a local studio that offers barre classes, check out my blog post “Belly Up to the Barre” from last Friday.

5 thoughts on “Pop Your Physique

  1. I am currently taking pop physique classes at a pop studio. I wear a polar ft4 heart rate monitor, I am not a thin girl by any means, 5’3 – 167lbs and I can burn between 560 and 680 calories in one hour, depending on the instructor. I think in my case, the claim of over 500 is quite accurate. In spite of my weight (work in progress), I can absolutely keep up, I am not flexible but I can still do everything except a split. I love it, I’m addicted !

  2. I don’t have a Pop Physique in my area and was curious about these DVDs. Now you’ve shown photos of your amazing results, I’m pretty much sold. Do you need any equipment/props to go along with the workout? (e.g. weights, fitness ball, etc). Thanks.

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