Style Inspiration-Mad Men’s Megan Draper

If you ask me, there was one person that stole the show when Mad Men’s 5th season debuted on AMC. Megan Draper (portrayed by the beautiful Jessica Pare) and her rendition of the 60’s french song “Zou Bisou Bisou” had everyone talking. The song, which was made popular by Sophia Loren, was so trending that it is offered on iTunes. Megan Draper is sexy and gorgeous and is the epitome of sixties fashion. Costume designer Janie Bryant has done it again! From the clothing to the hair and makeup (which takes up to an hour and a half to do), Megan is the one to watch this season.


Megan does her rendition of “Zou Bisou Bisou”. Everything here is flawless-the dress, the hair, the makeup-stunning!

Costume designer Janie Bryant with the dress. The vintage find needed some repair, especially to the sleeves.


The hair, heavy eye makeup, and a mega watt smile encompasses the sixties vibe.

I’m a big fan of up-do’s. The higher the better!

The sixties were all about print and this dress has it in spades.

The many looks of Megan Draper

Office and home

The hair and makeup are a huge part of the character.

The coat is the statement piece, but it’s the accessories that bring the whole ensemble together. Check out those tights!

Another example of print and a heavy eye-perfection.

Mad Men airs Sundays at 10est/9cst on AMC

If you’re a fan of the sixties fashion, look no further than Megan Draper. Mad Men really does bring the era to life with their superb costumes.


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