Vintage Finds at Etsy

While I own quite a lot of jewelry, I usually end up wearing the same pieces. There’s the heart locket my husband gave me for my 30th birthday, the ruby and diamond ring my dad had made for me, my engagement and wedding rings, my watch, and a pair of diamond studs. Sometimes I throw on some costume jewelry, but I really love “signature” pieces. I was on the lookout for a bold statement ring and a vintage sweetheart bracelet, but wasn’t having much luck. My sister has always talked about Esty, so I decided to check it out.
I typed in “vintage jewelry” and was overwhelmed by all the fabulous choices. Wow! Everything you could possibly want is on Etsy. I found a gorgeous vintage cameo ring and a mother of peal sweetheart bracelet from the 1940’s. I love them! It’s so easy to communicate with the seller and they answered all my questions. My bracelet came all the way from Australia and arrived a week before I expected.



My vintage mother of pearl sweetheart bracelet. It was only $30 and that included shipping from Australia. It looks just as pictured, but was really small. Luckily I have tiny wrists.



My vintage cameo ring. The seller also sized it for me. Total cost-$28!! This is my new statement piece. I absolutely love it!

I have become addicted to searching on Etsy. I wish I could sew because I found some awesome vintage patterns. My sister and I have found items from our childhood and she’s even sold some of her own designs. It’s very easy to create a store and sell on Etsy. There is an Etsy app available from iTunes that makes seaching, purchasing, and selling a breeze. If you’re looking for special items, look no further than Etsy!


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