Into The Deep-Anthropologie’s Spring Windows

Okay, so today is “Anthropologie, Take Two” here at Style Meganzine. I was absolutely floored when I saw their spring windows! I come from a very visual background and Anthro has some of the most talented visual merchandisers and display artists in the industry. The theme is “Earth Day” and honors the company’s partnership with the Wyland Foundation, a non-profit working to promote ocean stewardship. Did you know that 60% of the world’s coral reefs are expected to suffer major damage or vanish completely over the next 30 years? The windows are a celebration of life under the ocean and are filled with jellyfish, octopi, sea stars, and other ocean creatures. They are truly amazing and eye-catching windows.

Cream colored sea fans fill these windows.

A close up of the sea fans. Hours and hours of work go into a window of this caliber.

Coral wall with a sunken ship. It takes a true artist to create this window.

A close-up of barnacles and coral.

Lighting helps to re-create the ocean floor.

Genius! When you really look at the the intricate detail you can only be awed.

Lighting can work magic-it’s all about illusion.

Glass and other elements were used to create coral.

It look so real…

Jellyfish float from the ceiling. You really do feel as if you were in the deep blue.

Blue lights add depth and mystery to these windows.


The ocean floor.

Absolutely fantastic! Bravo to their visual artists!

For more photos and information, please visit Casa Sugar


2 thoughts on “Into The Deep-Anthropologie’s Spring Windows

  1. Thanks for sharing, Megan. Living in rural MN it is likely I would never see these windows. The displays are truly a remarkable accomplishment.

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