Friday Night In The City

From the time I was in junior high until I hit 30, you couldn’t keep me home on a Friday night. I lived for going out with my friends, having some (or many) cocktails, and taking in the nightlife. But then something changed. I wanted to stay home. I had stopped drinking when I was 27 (no matter how much or little I drank, I would get violently hungover) and it’s seldom fun to hang out with people who are indulging. I also started working a lot more and was gone 9+ hours a day. I guess the man and I preferred to stay in when we had free time. Lately we’ve been trying to take advantage of our city and have been exploring Friday nights downtown a little bit more. Minneapolis is known for it’s fine cuisine and we do enjoy going out to eat, but instead of going home right away, we’ve been doing some walking and visiting some of the city’s best hotspots. This Friday was no exception.

Eli’s Food and Cocktails 1225 Hennepin Ave.

Eli’s is our favorite restaurant. I almost hate to write about them because they could possibly become even busier. It’s small and warm and charming. The menu is very eclectic and the food is fantastic. I got my usual- huge shrimp scampi served on delicious mashed potatoes with toasted bread and grilled asparagus, and the hubby got his usual of tuna tataki and seared fillet mignon (both on the appetizer menu). I’m getting hungry just thinking about it. The wait staff is friendly and the ambience is wonderful. It’s truly a neighborhood joint where we see many of the same people week after week.

The bar inside Eli’s

For more information and a menu, please visit Eli’s Food and Cocktails

After dinner, we decided to walk to the Foshay Tower, which is now home to the W Hotel. It was a beautiful night for a walk, but after two blocks we had to get the car-I had worn the wrong shoes for a stroll. Luckily for us, there is always ample parking downtown. Before the IDS was built, the Foshay was the tallest building in Minneapolis. The W has done a tremendous job of renovating the space and turning it into a mesmerizing environment. You’re immediately transported to the roaring 20’s but in a modern cool sort of way. Playing on the art deco of the 1920’s, there is a huge lounge called Living Room right inside the door. The decor is scrumptious. Plush couches, fireplace features, and a long bar make it cozy and elegant. There is a small food menu, but the focus here is on cocktails. The “people watching” is fantastic. There is a great diversity here and I start to feel like my old self again.

One of the seating areas featuring a fire element.

Another gorgeous seating area.

Guess where I’m sitting!

After a drink in the Living Room, we took the vintage elevator up to the 27th floor to visit Prohibition. This is a much smaller bar, but the views are spectacular.

What a fabulous view of the Minneapolis skyline.

The bar inside Prohibition

For more information, please visit the W Hotel Foshay

It was very crowded in Prohibition so we went back down to the Living Room to finish our drinks. A DJ had started to spin and we knew it was time to pack it in (I just can’t appreciate “house” music). It was a lovely walk back to the parking garage. So wonderful seeing people out and about. Handsome cab rides, pedal cabs, and girls strutting in heels made me miss New York, but also made me feel warm and fuzzy. Minneapolis is a real city, with a real city vibe.

Posing in the parking garage.


PS. Just received some great information about an on-going event at Living Room. Check it out!


2 thoughts on “Friday Night In The City

  1. This summer it would be nice if you would take your elderly mother to Eli’s for lunch and then some walking around downtown. It could possibly spark some memories in her poor old brain. 🙂

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