Pigtails For Adults

I am really loving pigtails right now. Yes, they’re adorable on children, but I think they can look very cool on big girls too. A little tease up top, braided or not, they are my favorite way to do my hair right now. Here are some of my favorite variations of the grown-up pigtail.

Zooey Deschanel always looks adorable. I love the full bang with her piggies.

This girl looks amazing. What a pretty face!

She makes pigtails super sexy.

Love the waves and the messiness.

Bridget Bardot made the look stylish.

Haute Couture pigtails on the runway.

Carrie Bradshaw-don’t need to say anything else.

Nicole Richie braids hers for a more hippy vibe.

Audrey Hepburn inspires everyone.

Leighton Meester channels Holly Golightly.

My version on cleaning day this week.

It’s very important to have the right hair elastics. I love the line by Goody. They’ve been around forever and make a great product. They are “ouch-less” and don’t pull out my hair.

Top: Ouchless Hair Elastic Ball Multi-Colored 36 count $4.99
Bottom: Ouchless Hair Elastic Multi-Colored Ball 100 count $6.99
Side: Elastic Ponytail Holder 29 count- prices vary by store (these are my favorites because they blend in really well with my hair)
All available at Target

So, what’s your opinion on adults wearing pigtails? Yay or nay?


4 thoughts on “Pigtails For Adults

  1. Definitely YAY!! When done the right way pigtails can look sassy, a little bit flirty, & very stylish!! Love your pigtails Megan – fabulous look for you!! Zooey Deschanel looks stunning with her pigtails, & with style icons like Briget Bardot & Audrey Hepburn having championed the pigtails look in the past, then it must be an uber-stylish hair-do!! xoxo

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