Miracle Worker

I have definitely reached the age where deep wrinkles are starting to appear. I can blame genetics (my dad had deep forehead wrinkles) but my dermatologist tells me the main reason for them is that I talk with my face. In other words, I’m very expressive. That’s fine and dandy, but I still don’t like it. There are so many products that claim to erase wrinkles, it’s hard to know what to try. One line I have seen success with is Philosophy’s Miracle Worker. I totally dig the retinoid pads, but only recently tried the eye cream and moisturizer. Philosophy has put together a set that contains all the products and it’s a great value.
The Philosophy Miracle Worker Set contains their best anti-aging products. They feature retinoids, which are proven to diminish the appearance of deep wrinkles. Used together, these products improve the elasticity and firmness of your skin and renew your skin tone and texture. The set consists of Miraculous Anti-Aging Eye Cream and moisturizer, and Miracle Worker Anti-Aging Retinoid Solution and pads. It is also appropriate for all skin types. My deep wrinkles have not disappeared, but they certainly do look better.And in my opinion, every little bit helps.

Philosophy Miracle Worker Set $119 ($185 value)

This set is exclusive to Sephora (I know, I shop there way too much) and is a limited edition. Don’t let this one pass you by.

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