Style Inspiration-Sarah Jessica Parker

Oh, Sarah Jessica Parker, how I love thee….She is absolutely my favorite fashion icon ever. It wasn’t love at first sight however. When she first came on the scene in the eighties, starring in one of my favorite shows-“Square Pegs”, it was valley girl Tracy Nelson I aspired to be. Sarah played, well, a geek. Who knew she would grow up to become the “it” girl of the nineties and today?
My love affair began with a little movie called “If Lucy Fell”. If you haven’t seen this movie, please do. It is funny and sweet and we begin to see the fashion maven start to shine through. I adored her style and her hair, and I still do. And then came the explosion of “Sex and the City” and she became a world phenomenon as Carrie Bradshaw. In my eyes this woman can do no wrong.

“If Lucy Fell”. I so wanted my hair to be long enough to achieve this up-do.

The Carrie Bradshaw up-do. My hair is long enough for this one!

Jeans and a sweatshirt-one of my staples. Adding the scarf makes it stylish, not grubby.

Fashion Night Out. It is possible to dress up a tee and she certainly pulls it off.

Cool mom in the city. A leather motorcycle jacket should be in everyone’s wardrobe.

In Marchesa. Her body is ridiculous.

Walking the dog in another one of my staple outfits-belted sweater, jeans, and Uggs. I know many cringe at the thought of Uggs, but in Minnesota it is a necessity.

I love the long coat and the outrageous shoes. SJP is one of the only ladies who can get away with such funky boots (I actually think they are awesome).

I’m a big fan of ombre hair and she has one of the best heads of hair (so jealous).

Layering different pieces equals a gorgeous outfit. Love the fur!

The look that made her an icon. Patricia Fields is a genius and SJP her perfect muse.

One lady not afraid to mix patterns and textiles and colors. Sweatshirt, velvet jacket, print booties, and pink accessories-stunning.

The curly haired girl. So serene and pretty…

It’s not hard to see why she is a fashion star. She is never afraid to take risks, always looks put together, and is super normal in her every day life. Love her!

2 thoughts on “Style Inspiration-Sarah Jessica Parker

  1. Oh! She has also been one of my favorites… I never get bored of watching Sex & the City… wish they would do a couple of more seasons, though!

    Great post 🙂

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