The Big Tease

I love hair that has oomph and I always have. Teasing is just an every day part of my routine. There’s something sexy about hair that has height. Maybe it’s because my head is super small that I feel I need the added inches up top. Or maybe it’s just that it looks so good.

Bridget Bardot-the queen of big, sexy hair

Taking things to a whole new level. This really isn’t every day hair, but man does it make a ponytail look smokin’.

This girl rocks the voluminous ponytail and looks super cute doing it.
all pictures via Pinterest

There are two items in my hair arsenal that are essential to achieving an elevated look. The first is Blow Up Root Lift Concentrate by Blow Haircare. This is the ultimate product for building height. Formulated with a blend of rice, sweet almond, and milk, this root lifter gives hair a healthy boost while allowing strands to achieve new heights. It leaves hair fuller, thicker, and more manageable, and with no crunchy residue. It has a very streamlined nozzle so you can hit those roots accurately. I didn’t use it this morning and man can I tell. I have extremely flat hair. Ick!!

Blow Haircare Blow Up Root Lift Concentrate $21
available at Ulta

The second item that I can’t live without is a good lift and tease comb. This allows me to backcomb my hair in a very controlled manner. There are brushes too, but I find a brush is best for super teasing (think beehive territory). The comb seems to work better for every day use. Mine has a comb on one end and a pick on the other (I took all the pick teeth off because I had no use for it).

Conair Lift and Tease Comb $2.99
available at Target

Conair Lift Comb for Teasing and Lifting $4.99
available at CVS

If you’re looking to bouff-up your hair, try these two items. I can guarantee your hair will soar to new heights!

2 thoughts on “The Big Tease

  1. I agree Megan. I feel like I have a small head and constantly try and get volume and never feeling like it’s all there. Too little hair for a large pony too. I miss that.

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