Lose Weight With Brewed Cocoa

If you haven’t heard of Crio Bru, after today you will definitely want to check it out. This is a cocoa you actually brew in a coffee pot or french press. These are 100% perfectly roasted beans that are milled to perfection to produce the world’s most flavorful cocoa grounds. And did you know Dr. Oz has identified brewed cocoa as one of four ways to burn fat faster? It’s true and here’s why.
This cocoa contains no sugar, chemicals, gluten, or dairy. It also has 150% more antioxidants than pure pomegranate juice. It’s an appetite suppressant that has a natural stimulant (no caffeine), theobromine, that boosts metabolism. You’ll feel focused and energized naturally. As a fat blocker it helps get rid of fat by blocking an enzyme you need to digest fat, so you never absorb it into your body.
I have only had this cocoa for a week, but here’s what I can tell you. First, it’s super easy to brew. I even mix it in with my coffee grounds in the morning. They say it’s best to use a gold filter, but I use paper and it’s fine. Second, the taste is a little strong for me. It’s a dark chocolate, which I’ve never been a fan of. If I have just the cocoa, I use a dash of Silk French Vanilla creamer (only 10 calories). I can’t speak to blocking fat just yet, but it does suppress my appetite. It’s available in three flavors and I chose the Cavalla. This has hints of coconut and cinnamon. It does give me energy, but too much makes me a little queasy (I feel this way if I have too much coffee as well). The one major downside is that it’s only available on-line, but there are many websites that offer it.

The grounds. When my husband came home one day he thought I was baking brownies. Sorry, just brewing some cocoa!

Crio Bru Cavalla $11.97 (I bought mine at Amazon)

For more information, or to order, please visit Crio Bru

We’ll have to wait and see if it aids in weight loss, but in the meantime, it’s a delicious beverage and it’s good for me. I think I’ll be ordering more. And who doesn’t like hot cocoa, especially on a snowy day like today.

5 thoughts on “Lose Weight With Brewed Cocoa

  1. OMgosh, this looks so freaking amazing. I sorta luff you for this. I’m gonna have to see if they have this at Vitacost. I adore dark chocolate and adding it to morning coffee grounds would be soooooooo delightful!!! And healthy2??? Awesome! 🙂

  2. I just came across your post. You’re welcome to use a coupon code – CrioSave10 – which will give you a 10% discount during Step 4 of checkout on criobru.com. The code is case sensitive. Enjoy!

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