Style Inspiration-Janie Bryant

I have been a huge fan of costume designer Janie Bryant since the days of HBO’s “Deadwood”. This is one of my all-time favorite shows and a big reason why (besides the incredibly talented actors and writers) are the costumes. When you watch this show and look at the wardrobe, it’s as if you can smell and feel the dirt and grime of the old west. It takes a very talented designer to capture that feel and it’s no surprise she won an Emmy for her work. Currently she is the costume designer for AMC’s “Mad Men” and has designed collections for Banana Republic, Maidenform, and Nailtini. Her own style is one of elegance and class, but more than anything, it’s her talent that inspires me.


An example of how the character of Alma Garrett (portrayed by Molly Parker) went from paper to person.


The creation and final product of Seth Bullock (portrayed by Timothy Olyphant)

The cast of Mad Men

Janie with vintage fur. I love her necklace!

At her book signing with Magda Berliner. I think this white dress is so fun. I’m a big fan of banded bottom dresses.

Totally working a strapless sequin jumpsuit.

I like this print a lot and the blue shoes are gorgeous.

2011 Costume Designer Guild Awards in Jovani. This is an incredible dress. It almost looks like a suit of armor up top. It’s a little too much for me, but the details are amazing.

2010 Costume Designer Guild Awards in Sherri Hill. Again, the detailing is exquisite.

8th Annual Costume Designer Guild Awards in Valentino. This really flatters her figure and the gathered side is fun.

Mad Men season 2 wrap party in Calvin Klein. The simplicity of the asymmetrical dress is pure Calvin and looks phenomenal on her.

2005 Emmy Awards in Valentino. The lilac color is so subtle and I adore Grecian style dresses.

Don’t you wish this was your closet?!?!

I really like all the different textures in this ensemble. One wouldn’t automatically think to put these pieces together, but boy does it work.

Janie’s book, The Fashion File, is full of great tips and advice. Available at Amazon

For more information and inspiration, please visit Janie Bryant

3 thoughts on “Style Inspiration-Janie Bryant

  1. I loved your fan-girling of Janie Bryant. I always stalk her online when AMC has the behind the scene fashion videos for Mad Men. I am hugely obsessed with Mad Men! 🙂

    I also just wrote a post on my blog on some Mad Men inspired fashion; if you get a chance, you should check it out! I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!!

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