Style Inspiration-Natasha Poly

My style inspiration this week is model Natasha Poly. You may recognize her from the ad campaigns she’s done for Gucci and Fendi, but you’ve definitely seen her work for Victoria’s Secret. I just really dig her style. She wears a lot of black (which I can relate to) and always manages to look edgy and cool.

I love all black. It always looks stylish and I really like that the only splash of color is her Chanel bag.

Super cool motocross jeans and an awesome leather jacket.

This is how I roll most days. My favorites are off-shoulder sweatshirts and skinny black bottoms.

Another one of my favorite looks. A long, colorful cardigan with black leggings and an awesome pair of boots.

Shopping at Chanel in fur-my dream day!

She is simply stunning. The leather jacket and black booties rock!

The colors and print make this mini dress stand out, and paired with black tights gives it an edgier look.

The famous Gucci ad. She has a real Lauren Hutton vibe going on.

Recent ad campaign for Fendi. This ad caught me eye immediately. The styling is perfection.

Flawless face. Oh, to be young….

Simple dress, gladiator sandals, and sunnies-basic, easy, and fabulous.

Natural beauty is always best. Let the real you shine through.

Natasha really shows that you can dress all in basics, add an awesome shoe or boot, and you will look like a fashionista. Sometimes, simple really is best!

3 thoughts on “Style Inspiration-Natasha Poly

  1. Yes, she dresses very well, I agree. I just think she has a tendency to looks very unhealthy. She is very thin, and that is of course ok (if it is natural), but she doesn’t use any colorful makeup at all. I feel like she would have looked far better if she used a little blusher or something just to give her that healthy glow… But maybe thats just me.?

      1. Yes, but It looks like she wears quite heavy eye-makeup… So if she would drop some of that and instead highlight her natural beauty with some color, she would look much better, I think 😉

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