The Original Cheek And Lip Stain

I’ll never forget receiving my first catalog from Benefit. It’s close to almost twenty years now (where does the time go?). Back then, you couldn’t find the brand anywhere in Minneapolis, but luckily that didn’t last long. Good thing too! They have some of the best cosmetics products on the market and really pioneered the way for many trends. Case in point-cheek and lip stain. Benetint was one of their first (and most successful) products. It is the perfect rose shade and has real staying power. It was the first thing I purchased from them and the first stain I’d ever tried. It has remained a staple in my arsenal ever since.

Benetint Cheek and Lip Stain $29
This is super easy to use. You just put 3 swipes on your apples and quickly blend with your fingers (and I do mean quickly). You can build the color, as it is quite sheer, but I think just a rosy glow is best. Very natural looking. And for your lips, just brush on and blend. Perfect, just kissed looking lips. It’s also waterproof, which is always a plus.

Benetint Lip Balm SPF 15 $20
This is a great lip balm. It has SPF (a must) and contains Vitamin E. The color is very sheer and natural looking. It also makes your lips super soft with just the right amount of shine.

Benetint Pocket Pal $20
Benetint to go! One side contains tint and the other side houses a clear lip gloss. No need to carry around your bottle. Just throw this in your bag and it’s there for emergencies (or for when a sudden dinner date appears on your schedule). Easy peasy!

Benefit also has tints in other shades, as well as many super cool products. I highly recommend checking them out. You can find them at Benefit Cosmetics, at Sephora, and all fine department stores.

One thought on “The Original Cheek And Lip Stain

  1. I loved Benetint for many years, but haven’t purchase another since I shattered my last bottle many years ago. I always loved it and may have to rekindle my friendship with it, once again 🙂

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