My First Valentine

I’ve never really been that into Valentine’s Day. Growing up, I didn’t really have too many boys beating down my door. And then by the time I was an adult, I was kind of over the whole holiday. I’ve always said that I’d rather have a guy give me a dandelion any other day of the year because he thought of me, than buy me roses on that one day because he felt he had to. I’m not a grinch about it-I’m happy for people that enjoy the holiday, it’s just not for me. And then three years ago I lost my first valentine-my dad. He passed away February 14, 2009. I guess you could say that really sealed the deal for me and the day of love. A dad is a girl’s first love, and it’s a love you never get over. So, in honor of my father, I am sharing part of the eulogy I wrote for his memorial. He loved having his three girls and we loved having him for our first, and never-ending, valentine.

“He was our protector when we were little and gave us the courage to stand up for ourselves as we grew.

He taught us to be independent thinkers, that our opinions mattered, and to never waiver from our convictions.

He encouraged us to chase our dreams, even if it meant moving us all over everywhere. He taught us we could do anything we wanted and he believed it.

He helped us grow into women who weren’t afraid to travel and could navigate down the road of life. And he was always there to help us find our way when we were lost.

He took us in when we were broken with open arms and a shoulder to cry on. He mended our wings and gave us the strength to fly again.

And he believed, really believed, that I was strong, and that no matter what happened, I would be okay.”


Happy Valentine’s Day Dad.

14 thoughts on “My First Valentine

  1. Schmeg – I love the relationship you had with your dad. It was so special and I’m positive that he is looking down upon you today as he does everyday and thinking, WOW, it made her and she is one of the best. I love you girlie!

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