Style Inspiration-Drew Barrymore

Ever since she helped ET phone home, I have loved Drew Barrymore. She was the cutest little girl (my youngest sister looked just like her) and has grown into a beautiful woman who is comfortable in her own skin. Oh, she had her ups and downs, but she came out stronger because of it. Not only is she an actress, she’s a producer (and owns her own production company), and a spokeswoman for Cover Girl. She is just a free spirit and always looks like she’s having a good time. And now she’s a happily engaged lady. She is my style inspiration for this Saturday.

A smile that can light up any room.

I loved this look. I actually took this photo to my stylist. Love!

Uber cool. The colorful fedora really jazzes up the flannel. And I love a red lip.

Drew really has the best example of ombre hair. She looks like such a free spirit in this photo.

The leather jacket and studded belt give her a real rocker vibe.

The ombre hair again. I took this photo to a stylist as well.

I love jeans that open at the ankle. They look so cool with a platform. And again, a fedora adds so much to an outfit. Always accessorize.

This outfit is very Drew. It pairs casual with dressy, and she looks so long and lean.

Pulling her hair back makes her look very classy, and the leather blazer gives her the right amount of edge.

This week on “Leno”. She looks so happy! I really adore this floral dress, especially with the black tights and blue shoes.

Having a casual lunch in stripes. She has such natural beauty.

Gorgeous on the red carpet. She looks very glamorous with her hair up.

This dress really accentuates her shape, and the bold necklace is a definite statement piece.

Here she proves that she comes from old Hollywood stock. Very elegant.

The silhouette and color of this dress blow me away. It’s not often we see her with straight hair, but it is perfect for this ensemble.

Even though I often see her as little Gertie, she is a woman who dresses for herself and has fun doing it.

10 thoughts on “Style Inspiration-Drew Barrymore

  1. I guess I do see some similarities, in an odd way…. lol! But especially with her fashion! Lord knows, I also love the hippie, free spirit, casual to glam looks myself. Next time they do a Doppelganger day on fb, I’ll come back here for an image of Drew 🙂 ❤

    1. I think your hair is long enough. I haven’t had my hair colored to the roots in years (I always felt foils to the roots looked a little fakey on me). Heather does a great job on mine, but I know Duz could do it too. Maybe you should come to town…

  2. funny you talked about Drew when we just discussed her friday night. did you see ET sunday night? she was so darling.

  3. Hi Meghan, just a quick note to let you know how much I have enjoyed your posts. Your writing is enjoyable to read and the photos very well done. Keep ’em comin!!
    Although I am way older than your target audience I have especially enjoyed your postings on hair/face/skin products. Do you have an archive area where I can reference earlier posts?

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