Style Inspiration-Olivia Palermo

I’ve recently become obsessed with Olivia Palermo’s style. I never watched “The City” (although I see it is on Netflix) and really only knew her from the style section in my magazines. After I googled her, I realized she wears many different hats-actress, model, society girl, and fashion blogger (Olivia Palermo). Regardless of which hat she is wearing, this girl knows how to dress. She’s fun, flirty, edgy, classy, and sophisticated all while being very age appropriate. That is why she is my inspiration today.

She’s definitely not afraid to mix prints. The skirt, the fur, and the shoes are all very different, yet she manages to pull it off.

Hailing a cab with style. Love the super skinny pants with ballet flats.

Relaxing in denim and boucle. I think a boucle jacket adds that touch of Chanel, and that always equals class.

Biking with a Birkin. I give her credit-riding a bike in those heels cannot be easy!

Sophisticated army green. I love this look. It’s very streamlined and has just the right touch of accessories.

A perfect touch of sparkle. I love the bronzy gold and the bows on the shoes are precious.

Structure is the name of the game. By belting the jacket and adding high boots, she shows off her amazing figure.

Fashion week star. The fur vest if so glamorous and is always best when paired with black.

This is super sweet and the pink belt is a wonderful touch.

Same outfit, two different looks. The sweater instantly turns this look into something much more casual.

The mix of color and texture are great, and the jacket is divine.

A very unexpected mix of pieces-fisherman-type sweater with a flowy skirt plus the oxfords. It’s risky, but one that paid off.

This is one woman who knows how to have fun with fashion.

Happy Saturday everyone-think I’ll watch some of “The City”.

One thought on “Style Inspiration-Olivia Palermo

  1. Snap! I’m totally obsessed by Olivia P’s style too – and like you I only came to know of her from the fashion blogs & style sections in magazines. She really is a sight for sore eyes, has such fantastic dress sense, & to top it all off, is an extremely pretty young woman! I’d kill to have those sparkling doe eyes of hers 😉

    Fabulous article – you’ve selected some of her most stylish looks – adored Olivia in the belted khaki jacket & brown knee boots combo – perfect body-shape balance & so effortlessly chic!! 🙂 xoxo

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