A Hint Of Tint

I’m not a fan of liquid foundation. I find it too heavy and not very natural looking. I’ve been using beauty balm and love it, but have found that it isn’t offering me enough moisture during this very dry winter. I pulled out my tinted moisturizer and mixed it with the beauty balm and voila-perfection. There are no dry, flaky patches and my skin is glowing.
In my opinion, not all tinted moisturizers are created equal. I’ve tried MANY and have been disappointed with most. I started using Paula Dorf’s Face Tint about ten years ago. I had read that this was what Sarah Jessica Parker used to create Carrie’s glow, so naturally I had to try it. I have been faithful ever since. It really does make your skin glow. It’s a lightweight, non-greasy formula with just a tid bit of sparkle. It gives a sheer, natural coverage while protecting skin from environmental damage and has SPF 15. It is more on the expensive side, but one tube lasts a very long time (maybe a year-it doesn’t get icky).

Paula Dorf Face Tint $40 comes in four shades (I like Jet Set Glo)
available at Paula Dorf

For a more affordable option, try the new one from Sephora. It offers many of the same benefits of the Paula Dorf one, plus it reduces excess oil. This one has SPF 20 and comes in five shades.

Sephora Perfecting Tinted Moisturizer $21
available at Sephora

The thing I love the most about tinted moisturizer is that it lets the real you shine through. And isn’t that really what a makeup should do?

One thought on “A Hint Of Tint

  1. I love tinted moisturizer, too. I am hooked on Laura Mercier Illuminating tint, but I should try to get a sample of the one you mentioned. Sometimes I mix my moisturizer with foundation and that turns out well, too!

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