Fur Factor

I adore fur, I’m sure that’s no surprise. There is something very elegant and sophisticated about wearing a luxurious coat or vest or hat. I prefer faux, but vintage, in my eyes, is okay too. I own 5 coats in different lengths, colors, and styles, as well as a vest and two shrug type jackets. It’s one of those pieces you can throw on with the most casual of outfits and instantly look put together. Here are some of my favorite ways to wear fur.

Basic Space by Rachel Marie
Just a touch of fur makes this rocker look a little more girlie.

It’s Getting Cold Outside by Shelley M.
If you haven’t noticed, I love fur with black leggings. This girl is super cool.

Staying Up All Night In The Chelsea Hotel by Rachel L.
Okay, I wouldn’t wear this exact outfit (where are her pants), but I love the jacket and the booties. Plus, it’s the Chelsea Hotel (one of my favs)!

The White Yeti Faux Fur Jacket by Kristina B.
This screams glamour. The burgundy pants are great and so is her makeup.

Live Like You’re Dying and Never Stop Trying by Marianna M.
You can’t go wrong with a fur bomber. Not only are they super cute, but they keep your head really warm.

Vintage Coat and Tulle Dress by Elle R.
This is just the sweetest and softest look ever. Her pink braided hair makes it even more sugary.

Baby, It’s Cold Outside by Jennifer G.
This is just so stylish and has all the elements I love.

Ain’t No Need For A Pet When I Got This On My Head by Mira B.
Super sexy, yet somehow classy too.

All above looks from Lookbook

From The Pursuit Aesthetic
Perfection! I absolutely adore this look.

From Obliterated Heart
This just proves how a fur coat can instantly glam up jeans and a tee shirt.

Above looks found at Pinterest

In my opinion, if you’re going to invest in one great piece for winter, make it a fur coat. You can’t go wrong and you’ll always look stylish.

3 thoughts on “Fur Factor

  1. These images are amazing – so stylish!! I’ve always found it difficult to find faux fur garments that suit me ( been making do with faux fur hats & scarves for the past few seasons!!) but finally today I bought my perfect piece, a cream, faux fur gilet from Topshop, that extends past the tops of my thighs & can be belted at the waist! I’m so happy I’ve found a style that suits my shape!!! 🙂 Plus, it was marked down to 60% off in the sale – always a bonus!! 🙂

    Love this article – I’m a total faux-fur fanatic, even more so now I can enjoy working the trend! xoxo

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