What’s In My Bag

It’s a snowy day here and it looks like I’ll be stuck inside. I decided to clean out my bags and thought I’d give you a peek into one of them. I always love seeing what’s inside someone’s purse. It’s kind of like looking into a medicine cabinet. You know you shouldn’t look, but it’s like a car wreck-you just can’t help it. So, here’s a peek inside my Linea Pelle Dylan tote.

My Linea Pelle Dylan Tote. I love this bag. It’s super roomy and has a lot of pockets and compartments. It’s great for the days you have extra items to lug.

iPad and case. This all fits into a zippered pocket in my tote. I got the quilted case at Metropark. It’s great because it has it’s own strap. Plus, it’s a little glittery!

Hobo International billfold (and reward cards). These are great. It’s a double frame clutch that has tons of space. They come in many colors and leather or patent.

I keep my beauty essentials in this clear case. This way, when I travel, I can just throw this on the belt. No need to transfer everything into a zip lock bag.

Chanel sunnies, Elnett hairspray, and some lotion from Bath & Body. I never leave home without these three items.

Magazines. This tote is so roomy I can fit fashion magazines, no problem. It’s good to have some reading material-never know when you’ll find yourself waiting somewhere with nothing to do.

Rollerball perfumes, tons of lip balm, and a Sephora gift card. These I keep in zippered pockets for easy access.

Notepad (for jotting down ideas), gum, and Chanel wallet I use to house my business cards.

So, there you have it, a look into my bag. What do you keep in yours?

6 thoughts on “What’s In My Bag

  1. LOL~ I have the SAME HOBO billfold! Love it- very roomy. I have similar items, too, but I also have headphones, and a mini tupperware container for my advil/ migraine meds. Oh yeah- and readers. 😉

  2. O my gosh, mine’s not nearly as fun as yours. I’ve got spare diapers, baby wipes, receipts, and legos in mine. ahah!

  3. I have the same Hobo billfold, too! Mine is blue, but I love the red! I have several lip gloss/balms, tissues, iPhone, shopping lists.

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