Dry Hair Blues

I went to the wonderful Marc Daniel Salon in Maple Grove this week to have my grays touched up. As soon as my colorist (the amazingly talented Heather Frank) started running her hands through my hair I let the excuses as to why my hair is so dry start to fly. “I don’t understand it. I just had a trim.” “I’ve only been washing and blow drying twice a week.” “I haven’t been using the flat iron.” On and on…Heather told me to relax and then explained that every one is having the dry hair issue. Bottom line, here in Minnesota we are experiencing somewhat of a drought. Other than a few flurries, we have had no moisture in the air. No moisture equals dry hair and skin. Luckily, there are things we can do to combat this, both in the salon and at home.

In the salon, the first thing you want to do is talk to your stylist and BE HONEST. What do you use, how do you style, ect. They can’t help you fully if you aren’t honest about your routine. At Marc Daniel, they carry the Kerastase line and have several different treatment options. Heather gave me the Age Recharge Treatment with a Substantif booster. The Age Recharge Treatment is for dry and aging hair. It builds the structure of hair and stops breakage. The Substantif Booster gives your hair volume and density. My hair looks and feels amazing, and is super shiny. What a difference!

Kerastase Treaments are $30-$35 at Marc Daniel
visit Kerastase USA for a salon near you

As far as hair products are concerned, I’ve always believed Kerastase is the best. It always tops every list of best hair care, and I can give it my 100% endorsement because I use it. It is expensive, but believe me, it is so worth it. Their Nutri-Thermique line is the best for dry hair. It intensely nourishes while creating durably soft and shiny hair under the effects of heat. Your hair is protected from the recurring drying-out process and the harmful effects of heat-styling. It doesn’t weigh down the hair and is never tested on animals. LOVE this line!

Kerastase Nutri-Thermique Shampoo, conditioner, and mask $36-$60

For a more affordable version, try the Evercreme Intense Nourishing line from Loreal $5.99-$7.99
available at all drugstores

You also want to make sure you’re using styling products that are geared toward dry hair. Many styling products can dry out the hair, so always double check. Hair oils are always awesome, even if you have fine hair. Check the labels or talk to your stylist. Here are some of my favorites-

Moroccanoil Treatment Light $13-$35
The light version is for fine hair.

Loreal Mythic Oil $22
available at Amazon

There are many things you can do at home to aid your dry hair blues.
1. Drink more water (at least 64 ounces per day)
2. Take a multivitamin (prenatal vitamins are great for hair)
3. Get more sleep
4. Don’t wash hair every day
5. Use brushes made from boar bristles
6. Never brush wet hair-use a wide tooth comb

Hopefully this has helped, and if you have any good remedies, let me know.

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