Pearly Whites

My Mom asked me recently why I always smile with a closed mouth in photos. Apparently, I used to have a big smile where I happily showed off my pearly whites. I told her that my teeth aren’t very white anymore. It’s true-all those years drinking Coke and fruit juices have taken their toll on my very expensive teeth (years of braces). I use whitening toothpaste and pre-brush rinse, but it just isn’t enough. I’ve tried the strips (yuck) and the trays (ouch), but had little in the way of results. Last week, while checking out our new CVS, I discovered their whitening pen. Yes! This could be the answer.
I’m happy to report that after only using it for a week (and not even four times per day, as it recommends), I’m already seeing big results. It could not be easier to use. You just twist until you get gel at the tip of the pen and then brush it on your teeth. You only have to wait 30 minutes before you eat and drink too. While I’m not at the pearly white stage, I know it will only be a matter of time. This product is truly amazing and I highly recommend it for anyone that needs a little (or a lot) brightening.

CVS Teeth Whitening Pen $12.99
available at CVS

One thought on “Pearly Whites

  1. Thanks for this tip. I, too, hate those strips but they are what I’ve used. I’m definitely going to give these a try. I hope you realize I’m much poorer since I started reading this blog! I do like the L’Oreal neck cream you talked about. It’s very good.
    Your mom sounds like a delightful woman, BTW. 🙂

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