Lovely Candles

Don’t you just hate it when a store stops carrying a product you love? Unfortunately, it seems to happen more and more. My mother-in-law always brought me a specific candle as a hostess gift every Thanksgiving. I loved everything about this candle-the smell, the frosted glass jar, the packaging, the warm glow it gave…everything. Then, they suddenly disappeared from a certain chain and this made me very sad.
The candle in question is Henri Bendel’s Vanilla Bean. The scent is amazing, the candle very long lasting. Our entire house would fill this luxurious aroma and just felt warmer. Lucky for me, Henri Bendel still carries their home scent on-line so I can order it. There are many other yummy scents (I’m anxious to try their Peony-one of my favorite flowers) and candle accessories as well. They aren’t cheap, but the quality makes it well worth the money spent. If you love candles, try these. You won’t be disappointed.

Scrumptious Vanilla Bean

Candles $30 and Signature Reeds $35

available at the always glamorous Henri Bendel

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