Seeing Red

I haven’t worn red pants since I was a child, but I have to say, I am totally digging the red denim that have been popping up all over. It’s a bold splash of color on dreary winter days. You can dress them up (I prefer with a black sweater, pearls, and a white fur coat) or you can totally make it casual. Whatever you think, there is no denying this is a trend that has legs.

There are so many different ways you can make the look all yours

SJP makes it casual with purple shirt (risky, but cool choice) and little black Mary Janes

This girl dresses it up with an adorable red and white polka dot top and fur

There are so many brands out there that have jumped on the red denim band wagon. I went with an offering from Target. It’s a risky move for me (I tend to stick with black) but really wanted to give it a try. I love them, get so many compliments on them, and even got the thumbs up from the hubby.

Mossimo Supply Juniors Skinny Denim $22.99
available at Target
**These a re true junior sizes. I had to go up several sizes. Good thing they are super stretchy!

Blank Denim Spray On Skinny Jean $80
available at Shop Bop
**I really like Blank Denim. It’s a great middle-of-the-road choice. I usually do go up a size.

AG The Legging Jean $198
availble at Shop Bop
**AG has a great fit. These have the appearance of being leather, but they aren’t.

A word about Shopbop. They offer free shipping and I usually get my order the next day. You can find almost any brand and style on this website.

If red isn’t your color, there are many others to choose from. Colored denim is definitely the trend right now.

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