Lions and Tigers and Bears-Oh My!

We set out at 10am yesterday morning for a drive that lasted six hours. Our final destination was Como Zoo, only a twenty minute drive from our home, but we like to take the long way ’round. We love getting in the car and just driving. We find pleasure in searching out all our state has to offer. I feel as though I could never get lost because I have developed such a solid sense of our roadways. We love to stop along the rivers, taking in the beauty and looking for new places to kayak.

One of our stops was the Coon Rapids Dam. The past couple of days we’ve seen temps bordering at 50 degrees. Not so much on Saturday! I got this parka at Hollister a couple of years ago for $40.

We finally arrive at Como Zoo after 3 hours. This zoo is one of our favorite places in the state. There is another zoo that is bigger, but we grew up visiting Como and it’s a place you can go on a whim. Another difference is that Como is free to everyone. They do ask for a small donation (which we gladly hand over) but they never turn anyone away. We feel it’s important to support the zoo, so I hand over the $16 asked for two soft pretzels and two small chai teas (yes-$16!). What are you going to do-I was starving!

Me, my Dad, and my sister at Como, circa early 1970’s. That’s the Conservatory in the background. We were such hippies (do I even have shoes on?).

via Garden Share
Inside the Conservatory. A couple was getting their wedding photos taken while we there. What a pretty backdrop.

via Como Zoo Conservatory
The lions were fantastic today. The female sat on her perch looking regal, while the male paced back and forth in front of the glass. Being a Leo, I have a soft spot for the cats.

via CPMI
The polar bears have a whole new enclosure. It’s really awesome. That’s why it’s so important to support the zoo.

via Flickr
The snow leopards were very playful, but as we were leaving they were having a rest.

This was a few summers ago in the zoo’s Como Town. It’s a small amusement park for kids.

Fall 2009 in the Conservatory. In my trusty beret.

The hubby sitting on one of the many remembrance benches. I really want to get one for my dad, but they are super expensive. Maybe someday…

Como Zoo is open every day of the year. It is located at 1225 Estabrook Dr. in St. Paul. It’s a great place to take kids (although, please tell them not to pound on the glass. I always feel bad for the animals.) and you can hold all kinds of events there. For more information, please visit Como Zoo Conservatory.

Saturday night, doing research, with my favorite feline-Daphne

3 thoughts on “Lions and Tigers and Bears-Oh My!

  1. Thanks for bringing attention to Como Zoo in today’s blog. It’s one of our favorite spots as well! Nick and I just visited on Thursday of this past week and were treated to a tiger’s roar and the wolve’s howl! They had also done an enrichmnent activity with the Gorilla’s earlier in the day and there was still jam smeared all over their enclosure.They were still enjoying when we arrived!

  2. I love the Como zoo! I haven’t been there in a long time, but will make it a point to visit soon! Too bad I can’t bring Charlie and Daisy, they would love it!!

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