Style Inspiration-Sienna Miller

I love Sienna Miller’s boho chic style. She is the modern day hippie, and that I can relate too. She does casual almost better than anyone, but is no slouch in the dressing up area. Not to mention she has her own clothing line, Twenty8Twelve, which is actually quite amazing. And now that she’s an alleged mom-to-be, I can’t wait to see her maternity style!

Love the A-line top paired with skinny jeans and a fitted jacket. The red boots add a pop of color and, of course, I love a beanie.

Walking the dogs in a statement making scarf.

She really does the loose top and skinny jeans well. And she isn’t afraid to recycle-red boots and doggie. Plus, the red bag is super!

The fedora and fur accented jacket really spice up a casual outfit.

Mega Watt smile paired with red lips and sparkly jewels.

Not sure how I feel about the “mullet” dress, but she makes it works.

Can’t go wrong with a beanie and a great jacket.

Fur and the right jewelry can make even a tank top and army pants glamorous.

The picture of old Hollywood glamour.

Proving she’s more than just a bohemian.

The right layering piece can make a little black dress instantly chic.

Top knot and fringe purse-style!

I’d love to hear who inspires you.
Happy Saturday!

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