Bountiful Body

I haven’t used mousse in decades. It always seemed to dry out my hair and leave it kind of crunchy. But in looking for a product that would really give my hair more volume, mousse seemed to be the way to go. I took the leap and tried the new Luxurious Volume Bountiful Body Mousse by John Frieda. I knew from the first squirt we were going to be best friends. First, the dispenser has much more control than the cans of decades past. I got just the right amount and worked it in root to tip. The smell is wonderful and the mousse is very light weight. As I started to blow dry, I could see that my hair instantly looked fuller and shinier. It works by wrapping around hair strands to thicken the hair shaft and boost volume. And does it deliver volume! My hair definitely looked and felt thicker, my curls had much more spring (and still looked amazing at bed time-no deflate). Even this morning, my curls were in tact and my hair was very shiny. This is a winner for sure!

John Frieda Luxurious Volume Bountiful Body Mousse $5.99
available at all major drugstores



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5 responses to “Bountiful Body

  1. jill

    thanks Megan- this may be the 3rd tip I’ve taken and worked for the best for me.

  2. i’ve used a LOT of volumizing products, this is my holy grail!

  3. Jenn Hall

    OOOOOOOOO! I trying it. I had big hair…and compared to others it is probably still big, but i want more!

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