The Fashion Box

I had some returns to make so I headed to the mall this morning. While there, I found a book I had wanted on sale for 50% off. Well, I had to buy it!
“The Fashion Box” by Antonio Mancinelli, is just that-a book about fashion packaged in a neat box. It is broken down into key wardrobe pieces (think miniskirt, trench coat, denim, a crisp white shirt) and these essentials are showcased in photographs of iconic women who wore them best. It is a great reference for those who need a little help putting outfits together, and a great photo book for those who love fashion.

The Fashion Box by Antonio Mancinelli $30 (marked down to $15 at American Eagle

Cool little box holds the book

Brigitte Bardot wearing the classic black turtleneck

The photographs are really amazing. Style icons from the past and present are featured. Very fun read!

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