Style Inspiration-Jennifer Aniston

I thought I’d wrap up the year by featuring Jennifer Aniston as my style inspiration today. While I may strive to be a “Carrie Bradshaw”, in reality I’m actually more of a Jen. She likes to be comfortable and is a master at making jeans and tanks look fashionable. And then, of course, there’s the hair. Always shiny, always perfect-the ultimate California girl. And when she dresses up-wow! No one has a better body. And she’s my age! Gives a girl something to work towards…

Perfect summer outfit-army shorts, tank top, and flip flops.

Somehow, she makes a sweatshirt look stylish.

The all-American girl. Love her hair!

By adding the scarf, she makes army pants and a tank look very fashion foward.

She picked an adorable summer dress to wear while putting her hands and feet in cement.

A little daring for Jen-she totally rocks it!

With her man in Hawaii. Boyfriend jeans, billowy tank, and bare feet-aloha!

Stunning in sequins.

By pairing ripped jeans with a fedora and leather jacket, she creates a rockin outfit.

Amazing in a LBD, and I love that she paired it with a simple necklace.

She often throws on a scarf. It instantly makes a casual outfit look put together.

I love black turtlenecks paired with denim. And that hair…

I hope tonight, New Year’s Eve, you all rock what you got and ring in 2012 with style!

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