Modern Day Ice Skates


I love ice skating. There is something so freeing about gliding across the ice. When I was a little girl, our town had yet to build an indoor rink so we always skated outdoors. We would spend hours twirling around until we could no longer feel our extremities. It was exhilarating! As a teenager, I worked as a “skate guard” at the indoor rink. I’d bring my boom box and for hours I’d skate around making sure no one got hurt and everyone behaved. I think it was my all-time favorite job. I also cheered for hockey. I could do the splits on the ice!

LSHS Hockey Cheerleaders circa 1987 (that’s me-top middle)

When I was in my early 20’s, I needed new skates, so my dear dad got me a very special pair. He had royal blue pom poms (with bells) put on them and also royal blue skate guards (royal blue was a school color). These are the skates I still use today. Yes, I probably need to update, but these are old school!

I wonder if you can even find pom poms anymore…

So, now for the modern take on ice skates. I immediately fell in love with these. Yes, they are totally over the top (not to mention super expensive), but isn’t that what fashion is all about?

DSquared2 Ice Skate Boot $1137 (were $1895)
available at DSQUARED2

How cool would it be to strut around in these? They look a little dangerous and a whole lot outrageous, but I could totally rock them.

The boot in black

Some of their other offerings. You definitely need to have the right attitude, and you would certainly get a lot of stares, but I think it would be worth it. Totally fun!

If you’re into the whole ice skate look, but need a smaller price tag, try these cuties from Jeffrey Campbell.

Jeffrey Campbell “Skate” Booties $198
available at Nordstrom

The wood detailing is amazing, the platform makes them easier to walk in, and the bootie is great all year long.

Here, Charming Anachronism models the bootie in black. They are just so clever!

To me, fashion is all about reinventing and making what was once old, new again. Ice Skate footwear captures all those elements that I look for.

3 thoughts on “Modern Day Ice Skates

  1. My Mom (Grandma to you) used to make pom poms for us. She’d make them with yarn, then hold them over a steaming kettle to make the ends curl. I wonder if she’d remember how to make them. Aunt Mary Pat

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